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Hardwood Trailer Decking - Shiplap and Rough Truck Decks and Floors

See our website at is an on-line wholesaler of hardwood trailer decking including shiplap, rough, and special patterns.

Apitong Shiplap Trailer Flooring

We offer shiplap trailer flooring in Apitong, also known as Keruing. This solid wood plank material is available in lengths from 8' to 18'. The most common face width is 7" and our material is run with a 3/8" shiplap, making it 7-3/8" overall.

We can source other custom sizes as well and generally have access to 5" face shiplap material, nail strips, T&G tongue and groove material, and any custom patterns required.

Heavy Duty, Drop Deck, Low Boy - Rough Lumber Trailer Flooring

For heavy duty applications, tropical hardwood lumber offers the best durability and life expectancy. With a Janka Side Hardness as much as two times that of White Oak, these tropical hardwoods will perform in the toughest conditions.

We specialize in sourcing custom sizes including specified length timbers. Let us know what you need.

S4S E4E Boards, Bullnose Tie Down Slats, Side Rack Material

Many different types of woods will perform well for industrial S4S applications. We have 1x3, 1x4 and 1x6 in many different hardwoods available for prompt shipment. These solid hardwood S4S products can be run to custom patterns as well if you need something specialized. We stock solid random length products from 4' to 20' and fingerjointed products above 20'.

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Shiplap Available from
Tigard OR and Savannah GA

We stock 6/4x8, 2x8, 2x12 and 3x12 in rough hardwood at our West coast warehouse in Tigard.