Nova Featured Product: Amendoim

By Ben Nystrom, 07/31/12

Welcome back to Nova Featured Product, the most in-depth hardwood species blog series on the web. This week's spotlight shines on one of the most lustrous and sought-after exotics in the country: Amendoim!

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Amendoim hardwood flooring is a beautiful light colored exotic species that primarily grows in the forests of Brazil, Paraguay, & Argentina. Its color ranges from tannish orange-brown to darker mahogany-like shades such as reddish-brown. Many boards will have an iridescent grain, giving the wood a roey, or ribbon-like, appearance. Amendoim has a hardness rating of 1912, making it almost 50 percent harder than Red Oak. It also has an excellent stability rating, meaning it is less susceptible to warping and bending than other species.

Nova’s Amendoim hardwood flooring is perfect for the customer seeking a lighter colored option to the numerous darker exotics on the market. Be advised, however, that while the while the wood is light overall, this species does have a significant amount of variation. When sampling you’ll need to treat it like Ipe - ordering two or three pieces won’t do. Ideally, for the most representative look, this wood needs to be sampled in large panels or full carton quantities.

Another thing you'll want to keep in mind is that Amendoim is sometimes referred to as Brazilian Oak. This can be confusing to contractors and consumers, because Brazilian Oak is also used to refer to Tauari. If you get a lot of requests for Brazilian Oak, chances are the customer or contractor is looking for Tauari. However, the two species are similar enough that Amendoim is often a welcomed substitue.

Nova USA currently stocks Amendoim hardwood flooring in 3/4" x 3”, 4”, & 5” widths; lengths are 1’-7’. The product is clear grade and only available prefinished. Questions? Contact Nova USA today to learn more.

By Ben Nystrom, 07/31/12


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