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Nova is a direct importer of premium quality tropical hardwood products with distribution throughout North America.

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We specialize in hardwood products from South America and Asia, including decking, siding, rainscreen siding, trailer decking, rough umber, and industrial products. Nova thrives on creating Real Wood Solutions that include the finest in architectural grade wood products, innovative fastening systems for siding and decking, and our own premium exterior wood stain, ExoShield. Nova’s staff is easy to work with, consistently available, and knowledgeable with years of expertise in hardwood applications.


Hardwood Decking with QuickClip Hidden Fasteners and ExoShield Wood Stain


Hardwood, Hidden Fasteners & Finishes

Premium Decking & Siding

With decades of experience as an importer of exotic hardwood decking and siding, we take pride in setting the highest standards for premium quality hardwoods - and the best solutions for fastening and finishing your decking & siding. We stock our hardwood products, wood stains, and hidden fastening systems at warehouses throughout the United States.

Thermally Modified Ambara™ Hardwood With ExoShield Clear


Thermally Modified
The Higher Degree of Wood

Thermally Modified Wood

Our thermally modifed woods include Ambara™, Korina and Rhino Wood. Offering the ultimate in stability and long term durability, these products are the latest in innovative building materials. Our Ambara™ is a cost effective solution for applications where vertical grain Western Redcedar is typically specified - and it's even more stable than VG Cedar. Ambara™ also takes stains better than thermally modified Hemlock.

Hardwood Rainscreen Siding Systems Complete with QuickClip Hidden Fasteners and ExoShield Wood Stain


Naturally Durable & Thermally Efficient

Rainscreen Siding - The Ultimate Real Wood Siding Solution

Nova's ExoClad Rainscreen Siding System with our QuickClips is the ultimate rainscreen system. Our resilient QuickClips maximize the long term performance of your siding by allowing boards to move in response to changes in humidity without buckling - and our rainscreen clips offer outstanding thermal insulation for your building.

Our Patented QuickClip Decking Hidden Fastener


Hidden Fastener System for Decking

Learn more about our hidden deck cips.

Our hidden fastener design is the only deck clip that actually allows your wood deck boards to swell and shrink naturally with changes in humidity. Our patented design lifts the boards off the joists by 1/8" to ensure full 360 degree airflow all around every wood deck board.

ExoShield Wood Stain - Longest Lasting Finish Available with Maximum UV Protection


Longest Lasting
Maximum UV Protection

ExoShield Wood Stain - Outstanding Protection

Finish off your next wood project with the longest lasting wood stain available today. ExoShield is our Tung oil based, marine grade stain featuring the maximum amount of UV blocking, and outstanding performance on all hardwood and softwood decks, siding, outdoor furniture and fencing.

Our Patented QuickClip Rainscreen Siding Hidden Fastener


Hidden Fastener System for Rainscreen

Learn more about our hidden siding cips.

Our rainscreen clip is the only hidden fastener siding system that actually allows your siding boards to swell and shrink naturally with changes in humidity. Our patented design provides a 3/4" air gap behind the wood siding to maximize the thermal efficiency of the stucture.

Naturally Durable, High Density Hardwood Kiln Sticks


Naturally Durable Hardwood
Stacking Sticks

Hardwood Kiln Sticks

When you want your kiln sticks to last, use a durable tropical hardwood stacking stick instead of LVL or softwood. Our naturally durable kiln sticks are made from select high density, stable, and durable hardwoods. We have inventory available in our New Orleans and Savannah warehouse locations.

High Performance Truck Flooring and Accessories


Hardwood Products & Accessories
for the Transportation Industry

High Performance Wood Products

Nova's product line spans residential, commercial, and industrial applications of high performance wood products. For hardwood decking and siding, truck flooring, and other heavy duty applications, our wholesale distribution and manufacturing customers depend on Nova for expert advice and our vast experience in international supply chain management.

California hillside home with Batu Rainscreen Siding


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Unbeatable Quality - Inspected at the Source

With multiple offices in Brazil and Southeast Asia, we offer the very best in quality control, logistics, product knowledge and supplier relationships. We employ our own quality control personnel at the manufacturer to monitor the production, packaging and shipping of our products. We ensure that our exacting standards are met on every shipment. Click to send us an inquiry.

25 Year Warranty
Naturally Durable Hardwood

With a 25-year warranty, we guarantee our durable hardwood decking, siding and rainscreen products will last for many decades. Our warranty applies to all our naturally durable hardwoods including Ipe, Batu, Red Balau, Bangkirai, Golden Balau, Torem, South Pacific Redwood, Cumaru, Massaranduba and Angelim Pedra.

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