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Premium Hardwood Decking & Siding from Nova USA Wood Products

Nova USA Wood - Beauty | Performance | Value

Nova is a direct importer of premium quality tropical hardwood products with distribution throughout North America. We specialize in hardwood products from South America and Asia, including decking, siding, rainscreen siding, trailer decking, rough lumber, and industrial products. Nova thrives on creating Real Wood Solutions that include the finest in architectural grade wood products, innovative fastening systems for siding and decking, and our own premium exterior wood stain, ExoShield. Nova’s staff is easy to work with, consistently available, and knowledgeable with years of expertise in hardwood applications.

Premium Hardwood Decking & Siding

With decades of experience as a direct importer of exotic hardwood decking and siding, we pride ourselves on setting the highest standards for premium quality hardwoods - and the best solutions for fastening and finishing your hardwood decking & siding. When it comes to hardwoods, nothing compares to the beauty and natural durability of Ipe, Batu, and Cumaru decking and siding. We stock a complete line of our hardwood products, exterior wood stains, and hidden fastening systems at warehouses throughout the United States.

ExoShield Wood Stain - Outstanding Protection

Finish off your next wood project with the longest lasting wood stain available today. ExoShield is our Tung oil based, marine grade, stain featuring maximum amount of UV blocking and outstanding performance on all hardwood and softwood decks, siding, outdoor furniture and fencing.

Quality Hardwood Decking - Ipe, Batu & Cumaru

Nova strives to supply the very best in terms of quality and longevity when it comes to exterior decking. Nova’s hardwood decking options are considered to be the best in the industry when it comes to exterior application. Hardwood decking products include Ipe, Batu, Red Balau, Cumaru, Massaranduba and Angelim Pedra.

Rainscreen Siding - The Ultimate Real Wood Siding Solution

Nova's ExoClad Rainscreen Siding System along with our ExoClad QuickClips make up the ultimate rainscreen hardwood siding system available today. Our resilient QuickClips maximize the long term performance of your rainscreen siding by allowing hardwood boards to move in response to changes in humidity without buckling off the structure - and our rainscreen clips offer outstanding thermal insulation for your home or commercial building.

25 Year Warranty - Naturally Durable Hardwood Decking & Siding

With a 25 year warranty, we put our money where our mouth is and guarantee our durable hardwood decking, siding and rainscreen products will last for many decades. Our warranty applies to all our naturally durable hardwoods including Ipe, Batu, Cumaru, Massaranduba and Angelim Pedra.

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Ipe Decking

Sourced from South America, Ipe decking has a wonderfully rich dark brown color with distinctive grain characteristics. Also known as Brazilian Walnut, Ipe hardwood has become one of the most popular hardwood choices for commercial and residential use due to its ultradurable, superior hardness and rot/decay resistant qualities. Ipe lumber has been imported into the United States since the 1960’s and is regarded as the best decking material in existence; in fact, New York City’s famous Coney Island Boardwalk was built using Ipe 90 years ago. Ipe hardwood is commonly used for exterior decking, residential and commercial siding, fencing, outdoor furniture and interior flooring.

Ipe Decking Backyard

Batu Decking

Nova is the leading importer of Batu decking, also known as Red Balau Hardwood. With a rich mahogany color, Batu hardwood decking is extremely dense, durable, and rot/decay resistant which makes it a perfect choice to lend long-lasting elegance to any exterior space. Nova stocks a large variety of Batu products including decking, posts, railings, wide plank boards for steps and deck skirts, 4x4 posts, tongue and groove paneling, and porch flooring. All of our Batu products are carefully kiln dried in order to ensure a consistent optimal moisture content.

Cumaru Decking

Nova’s Cumaru decking is highly dense and uniquely beautiful. Cumaru hardwood is frequently used as decking, interior flooring and exterior siding. Nova’s Cumaru hardwood has a rich honey brown color with sinuous exotic grain characteristics. With a distinct color all its own, Cumaru hardwood products are a great choice in terms of value, strength, beauty and durability.

Nova is Here to Work with You

We are constantly working to improve every aspect of our company, from the quality and diversity of our products, to the quality and development of our employees. Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with the finest hardwood products available - at a competitive price.

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Unbeatable Quality

With multiple offices in Brazil and Southeast Asia, we offer the very best in quality control, logistics, product knowledge and supplier relationships. We employ our own quality control personnel at the manufacturer to monitor the production, packaging and shipping of our hardwood products. By doing so, we are able to ensure that our exacting standards are met on every shipment.

Class A Fire Rated Decking

Nova’s decking options each meet or exceed the California building regulations and codes that regard Fire Rated products. Our Batu decking boasts a “Class A” fire rating which is extremely difficult to achieve using a wood product. We have information and testing results on our products available on both our website, and upon request.

Direct Wholesale Shipments

In addition to selling from our U.S warehouses, we also specialize in direct full-container shipments of Ipe decking and Cumaru decking from South America, and would be happy to assist you in ordering a shipment. Please don’t hesitate to call or email for information about receiving a direct shipment from Nova.

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