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The Distinct Beauty of Angelim Pedra

Angelim Pedra decking is an attractive beige-brown with reddish undertones complimented by unique mineral spots. Often used for exterior applications, Angelim Pedra is a highly dense, versatile, and durable. Additionally, Angelim Pedra decking is considerably resistant to fungi and wood boring insects, making it an excellent choice for exterior use. Nova Angelim Pedra decking is currently available in 5/4x6.

Why is it Called Angelim Pedra?

Angelim Pedra is sourced from South America and gets it’s name from the unique mineral spots found in the wood. The word “Pedra” in Portuguese translates to “rock” and refers to the dense mineral spots found scoured throughout the wood.

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Stable, Long Lasting, and Easy to Finish

Angelim Pedra is extremely dense and stable, both of which are important qualities to consider when building a deck. Are you concerned with the lifespan of your investment? Luckily, Nova offers a 25 year warranty on each of our decking products. We are exceptionally confident in the longevity of our exterior decking lumber and strive to only sell the best products ever used for exterior decking. We want our customers to look back after twenty years from purchase and appreciate the investment they made.

Although Angelim Pedra is a high density hardwood, that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to finish. Angelim Pedra readily absorbs stains and oils, making the finishing process an ease for the consumer. We recommend using a high-penetrative oil finish with strong UV protection, such as Nova’s ExoShield Decking Oil. Always use finish before or during the installation of a new deck.

Angelim Pedra can be oiled and refinished as needed in order to retain the rich tan-brown natural colors. If left untreated after installation, Angelim Pedra decking will gradually age to a lustrous silver-grey.

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Natural Wood Decking Made Economical

Due to the massive size of the tree, Angelim Pedra yields large amounts of lumber and offers an economical alternative to other tropical hardwoods such as Ipe. When compared to domestic decking lumber, Nova Angelim Pedra is simply a better investment when the entire lifecycle of the deck or outdoor project is considered.

Environmentally Sustainable

The Amazon forest is the most heterogeneous tropical forest in the world. Selective harvesting, rather than clear-cutting, is the only viable approach to wood extraction from the Amazon. Forest management plans based on selective and sustainable logging practices provide the local people a way to generate economic value from their land without compromising the integrity or the beauty of the standing forest.

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