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Welcome to the Nova Blog. We have written many articles over the years about our hardwood products and we hope that we can help educate the hardwood flooring, decking and siding community about our beautiful, natural wood products. Our ultimate goal is help the customer make the right choices when using and specifying hardwoods. We have been importing and selling some of the most beautiful hardwoods on the planet - and now we also offer our proprietary Tung oil finish and patented decking and siding hidden fastener clips.

Our products are often sold as part of a system designed to perform at the highest level possible. Utilizing resilient clips and finishing off your project with the best exterior wood stain available is our solution to typical problems encountered with hardwoods used in exterior conditions. We are the first company to offer comprehensive Real Wood Solutions.

How to Remove Water Stains from Wood: A Case Study Using ExoShield on Moso Bamboo

Water Stains on wood finished with transparent oil or water-based finishes are a common issue for home owners...

Keeping the wood at your household looking fresh and brand new can be difficult, especially when it's outside. The look of beautiful Cedar, Ipe, or Mahogany when finished with a transparent oil-based finish is absolutely exceptional. But this exterior-facing wood has to battle against much more than the occasional spill or that one nephew who never uses a coaster when they come over. No, the wood used for the siding of your house or on your deck faces the weather 365 days a year. That's a tough job! Without proper protection, wear and tear will begin to show up after a while and it is not pretty. The most common problem our customers come to us with is water stains. These pesky blemishes come from exposure to moisture. What happens is that the water will sit on the wood and gradually dissolve extractives and natural tannins - once the water dissolves, the edges of those wet spots show discoloration on the surface. Take a look at this gorgeous siding whose beauty has seriously diminished due to severe water spotting:

Moso Siding Before Stain

Moso Bamboo siding with heavy water stains before the application of ExoShield Walnut

Moso Gate Before Stain

Moso Bamboo wood gate with heavy water stains before the application of ExoShield Walnut


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By Steve Getsiv, 10/21/20

Tropical Hardwood Fencing - The Last Fence You Will Ever Need

Quality over Price: Is it Worth the Investment?


Nova Blog Photo

Besides the simply stunning look of tropical hardwoods, natural durability is the best reason to choose tropical hardwoods over typical Cedar, Redwood, or Pine softwoods for your next fencing project. Tropical hardwoods are far less susceptible to rot and decay over time and they will continue to maintain better durability even if you allow them to gray out with weather exposure. Softwoods like Pine or SPF (Spruce, Pine, and Fir mix) will last around 5-10 years, perhaps a couple more if they are treated regularly. Cedar and Redwood can last up to 25 years with proper care. Hardwoods on the other hand will last you 50+ years even without a wood stain being regularly applied every two years.

Fire Safety

Additionally, most tropical hardwoods are Class A Fire Rated reducing the risk of flame-spread in states where forest fires are common. Fences built using tropical hardwoods also greatly reduce the chances of boards being broken or coming loose.

Size and Cost

Nova USA Wood supplies 7/16 x 5-1/2 fence boards by resawing 5/4x6 decking boards, which is an efficient and cost-effective approach for our customers. Having the boards re-sawn results in a smooth face and rough-sawn face, either of which can be used as the exposed side based on personal preference. When using 7/16 thick boards, the price of tropical hardwood fencing is affordable at around 20.00 to $25.00 for materials per running foot based on a 6 high fence. Matching hardwood posts and top rail can be used without worrying about the wood posts rotting while simultaneously avoiding the less-desirable look of pressure-treated lumber.


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By Keaton Smith, 09/25/20

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