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Welcome to the Nova Blog. We have written many articles over the years about our hardwood products and we hope that we can help educate the hardwood flooring, decking and siding community about our beautiful, natural wood products. Our ultimate goal is help the customer make the right choices when using and specifying hardwoods. We have been importing and selling some of the most beautiful hardwoods on the planet - and now we also offer our proprietary Tung oil finish and patented decking and siding hidden fastener clips.

Our products are often sold as part of a system designed to perform at the highest level possible. Utilizing resilient clips and finishing off your project with the best exterior wood stain available is our solution to typical problems encountered with hardwoods used in exterior conditions. We are the first company to offer comprehensive Real Wood Solutions.



Fire is a leading cause of property damage. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), there's an average of 358,000 incidents annually and 7 deaths daily that can be linked to fires in the U.S.

Lightning, cooking, propane and fire pits are among the leading culprits that can turn single sparks into devastating catastrophes. As of September 1st, more than 48,000 wildfires torched more than 6 million acres to make 2022 the "most active wildfire season in more than 10 years."

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As a result, resilience or the ability "to enhance a building, facility, or community to both prevent damage and to recover from damage"3 has become increasingly important to nearly every part of the country, particularly the communities commonly subjected to wildfires and related natural events. For example, the specification of outdoor decking has become an increased priority due to the fires which can be easily spread by the vegetation and other flammable debris that accumulate under decks. As a result, the specification of decking made from fire-rated and low-flammability materials has never been greater. This includes the growing use of materials that have earned the Class A Flame Spread rating awarded in accordance of the stringent ASTM E84 testing protocols.


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By Keaton Smith, 12/15/22

Magnificent Dream Home in Terrebonne, Oregon

Adding the Final Touches to aMagnificent Dream Home in Terrebonne, Oregon

Living only hours away in Portland, Oregon, Terrebonne has always been the favored vacation destination of the Morans, who regularly enjoyed everything from rafting and skiing to fishing, while basking in the majestic beauty of the nearby Cascade Mountains.

"Terrebonne is a paradise for people who love the outdoors," said Tim Moran. "We couldn't wait to make the move and spend the rest of our lives enjoying all the local pleasures with friends and family."

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Planning this next step for years, the Morans spent 18 months designing a new 3,000 sq. ft, home, which was specifically engineered to provide year-round warmth and comfort with temperatures that can hit 100-plus degrees in the summer and sub-zero in the winter. This included the build of a "big gathering place" containing a "giant" great room, three bedroom suites, vaulted ceilings, a floor to ceiling fireplace and wrap-around Yellow Balau deck.

"We wanted the decking to accent our new home's luxurious, rustic farmhouse look and feel," explained Moran. "The stunning blend of golden-brown, purplish-brown and red undertones blended seamlessly with the brown shake dormers, white farmhouse batten boards and cedar garage doors to create a striking exterior admired by everyone who visits."

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Supplied by Nova USA Wood Products in Forest Grove, Oregon and produced primarily in Malaysia, Indonesia, Yellow Balau, which is also referred to as Bankirai and...

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By Keaton Smith, 10/01/22

Why Glass Filled Nylon for the ExoDek® QuickClip®?

Why We Chose Glass Filled Nylon 6/6

In our last article we discussed many of the great physical attributes of the ExoDek QuickClip. One question you may still be asking yourself is: "What is it made of?" Nova has the answers and wants to make sure you understand what the material is and why it is the right choice for hidden fasteners used in decking installations.

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Nova Blog Photo

What in the World is Glass Filled Nylon 6/6?

Let's get down to some of the nitty-gritty details. Polyamide 6/6 (PA 66), also known as Nylon 6/6, is a thermoplastic that can be used for many different applications. These applications can include, gun stocks, tennis strings, and even car parts.

Pure Nylon 6/6, without glass fill, has excellent mechanical performance qualities such as high toughness (balance of high strength and high ductility), high resistance to abrasion, high resistance to fatigue, and high impact resistance. When glass fill is added, which is essentially extremely fine glass powder, the material only gets better. It increases performance in terms of stiffness and strength as well as increases heat resistance and chemical resistance.

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How Does Nylon 6/6 Perform Outside?

When you hear about a plastic materi...

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By Naomi Comstock, 05/09/22

ExoDek QuickClip Advantages & Features

The Launch of Nova's Newest Innovative Technology

When it comes to hidden fasteners for hardwood decking, there is a prominent hole in the market that Nova USA Wood has filled. The ExoDek QuickClip is Nova's newest patented technology that is designed to work perfectly alongside hardwood and its unique properties.

As we've learned, there's no way to prevent your deck boards from reacting to the environmental moisture and expanding and contracting. With that being said, it means you have to work with the expansion - not against it, while maintaining your decks overall integrity. Nova USA Wood has done just that.
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Nova Blog Photo
Nova Blog Photo

Installation Efficiency = Longer Lasting Deck Boards

The ExoDek QuickClip is designed for grooved hardwood decking to be fastened with a single screw. The clips wings firmly grab onto deck board between the grooves to keep the board in place. The deck boards do not have to be drilled through with this design, as the screw is instead driven through the top through the guide hole and secured into the deck frame joist.                                                                       ...

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By Naomi Comstock, 11/08/21

Why Does the World Need Another Hidden Fastener for Hardwood Decking?

Truly Beautiful Hardwood Decking

Hardwood is one of the most versatile materials available and used for many applications where both resilience and beauty are desired. One of the most widely used and appreciated applications is hardwood decking. When it comes to decking, truly nothing compares to the feeling of stepping out on a real hardwood deck. It's warm, it's rich in color, it's truly stunning and its more environmentally friendly than any other "alternative" options out there.
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Stop Trying To Flatter Me, You Ugly Composite Deck

Many people have unsuccessfully tried to mimic the look and feeling of hardwood with plastics and composites, but to no avail. The truth is, nature continues to do it best. You know how they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? In this case, the attempt at imitation is just insulting.
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Yes, Hardwood Deck Boards Do Expand And Shrink

Since hardwood is a natural and organic material, it comes with some unique qualities that you must work with not against. One of these qualities is hardwood's physical reactions to the amount of moisture in its environment. As moisture in the environment increases, hardwood expands tangentially to the ring growth, and conversely, as environmental moisture decreases, the hardwood shrinks tangentially to ring growth. A typical deck board can expand up to 1/4" across its width. Expansion in the other directions (radial and longitudinal) are mostly negligible to that of its width.


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By Naomi Comstock, 10/27/21

Biophilic Interior Design Article by Wood for Good

Bring Natural Elements into Your Interior Design

We often camp, hike or explore the outdoors as a way to feel calm and centered in our busy lives. It's not everyday we have time to make it outdoors, but there is a close second. By bringing nature indoors through design, that wonderful feeling can be obtained without leaving your home or office!

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Lower Your Blood Pressure, Increase Your Concentration, Reduce Stress - All with Wood!!

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In a recent article by Wood for Good, Oliver Heath, founder of Oliver Heath Designs, is interviewed about Biophilic interior design principles. "Research shows that using wood in interior finishes can have a stress-reducing affect similar to nature such as reduced blood pressure, heart rate, stress and pain perception and improvement in emotional states. Employees in workplaces with less than 20% wooden work surfaces are far less satisfied with their working life and physical workplace compared to those with a high proportion of wood (more than 60% visibility of wood). In those places with more than 60% timber, physical workplace satisfaction increased from 47% to 81% and optimism about future increased from 44% to 61%. The ability to concentrate also increases from 65% to 83%. And we see this evidence across nearly every sector, evidence that demonstrates this use of timber."


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By Steve Getsiv, 09/21/21

ExoShield: Tips, Tricks and FAQ's

ExoShield: Tips, Tricks and FAQs

We receive many questions regarding the proper application practices of our ExoShield wood stain, so we thought it would be best if we answered many of the questions we've received in a comprehensive blog article.

First and foremost, we want to thank everyone who's purchased Nova's ExoShield wood stain and hope that you find the following information helpful.

ExoShield Rolling Angelim Pedra

There are several components that can affect the results when using ExoShield, but if you follow our advice below, you should be left with a beautiful and long-lasting result.

What's the best weather for applying ExoShield and how long after a rain should I wait to apply?

As many people know, dry weather is necessary for applying an exterior stain, but it's not as simple as just waiting for a single day of sunshine. It's important that the wood itself is also dry, so we only recommend applying ExoShield when it hasn't rained for 2-3 days and won't be raining for an additional 1-2 days after applying ExoShield. Ideal temperatures for staining are 50-85 degrees Fahrenheit or 10-30 degrees Celsius.

When staining in lower temperatures or high humidity it's important to note that ExoShield can take longer to dry, so you'll want to ensure there will be at least 48 hours of dry weather after applying. Likewise, in hotter temperatures ExoShield can dry faster. When applying ExoShield in hotter temperatures, we recommend wiping excess oil after only 10-15 minutes.


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By Keaton Smith, 09/14/21

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