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Naval Wood

Nova offers a specialized line of hardwoods for marine and heavy industrial use.

Through our connections all around the globe, ranging from South America to Africa and South East Asia, Nova is able to offer a wide range of species. Often referred to as Naval Wood, these species have unique traits which make them ideally suitable for either Marine applications or heavy industrial projects like railroads, bridges, and retaining walls. Our offerings include timber species that are particularly resistant to marine borers such as our Angelique, Basralocus, and our European reclaimed marine timbers, featuring an extremely high strength class. A prime example of a species well suited for heavy industrial uses is the African species Ekki. Renowned for its extreme hardness and its availability in large dimensions and lengths it is a species Nova offers readily for these types of projects.

Angelique Timbers

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Industrial Naval Wood hardwoods have a very long durability and strength class making them well suited for projects like bridges and sea walls. These naturally durable hardwoods are also a great product as they contain no chemicals or toxins and therefore do not leach anything into your soil or cause other environmental hazards.

Marine Timbers - Repurposed Timbers

If decommissioned before their lifespan is over they can even be repurposed through our reclaimed program.

Specialized Sizes, CNC Milling, Pre-Drilling

While Nova can supply Marine and industrial projects from inventory we are also able to supply specialized sizing or products in accordance with a clients request. We can even run our timber through a CNC and predrill the beams to an exact specification. No matter what type of project you have and what product you are looking for our team will be more than happy to find the ideal solution for your request.

Angelique Timbers

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