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The ONLY Hidden Deck Fasteners that Allow Wood to Expand and Contract Naturally. Perfect for Hardwoods like Ipe, Batu, Red Balau, Bankirai, Torem, Cumaru, Tigerwood & Mahogany. Works great with softwood, composites and PVC deck boards too.

Strong - Tested to 1200 pounds


Tested to 1200 foot-pounds of loading force on both tropical hardwood and softwood decking.

Reliable - Perfect 1/4 inch spacing


The QuickClip is designed to ensure perfect 1/4" gaps between every board.

Fast - 40% faster than the competition


Speed testing shows installation speeds up to 40% faster than with other hidden fasteners.

Patented Design - Allows wood to naturally expand and contract


The QuickClip is the Only Hidden fastener system that allows woods to naturally expand and contract.

ExoDek QuickClip Hidden Fasteners Ipe Deck
Clean Installation, No Face Screws - ExoDek QuickClip Hidden Fasteners
ExoDek QuickClip Hidden Decking Fasteners Top View
ExoDek QuickClip Box - 175 Clips, Screws, Torx Bit - Complete Kit
Hidden Deck Clip Fastener System
360 Degree Airflow | No Show Hardware

Natural wood decking is subject to expansion and contraction in the width of the boards as a result of seasonal changes in humidity. We designed the ExoDek QuickClip hidden deck fastener specifically to allow for this natural swelling and shrinkage in the widths of individual boards after installation.

Our hidden clip system lifts the boards 1/8" off the joists, eliminating the need for joist tape, and gives the boards 360 degrees of airflow. The air space created between the individual boards and the joists helps prevent rot and decay by preventing moisture accumulation where the decking crosses the sub-structure. Our design is tested to 1200 foot pounds of loading force on typical hardwood and softwood decking boards.

ExoDek QuickClip Hidden Decking Fasteners Expansion Contraction

Our clips are made from Glass Filled Nylon 6/6 and designed for temperature ranges from extreme cold to intense heat. This is the same material used for automotive parts and fittings which are rated for typical gas engine temperatures of up to 350 degrees F. Glass Filled Nylon 6/6 is also rated for salt water exposure as would be typical in automotive applications, making it the perfect clip material for coastal and marine decking applications.

Typical deck boards can swell up to 3/16” in width. The ExoDek QuickClip hidden decking fastener will compress to absorb this expansion. As the wood expands, the wings grip the grooved boards even tighter since the pressure is coming from the opposing board. The wings have a 1/8" offset gap to help absorb this expansion. When the wood later dries out, the hidden fastener spring clip will move the boards back into place, centered perfectly, and securely fastened to the joist below.

ExoDek QuickClip Hidden Fasteners Angle View
ExoDek QuickClip Hidden Fasteners Angle View
ExoDek QuickClip Finite Element Analysis
ExoDek QuickClip Finite Element Analysis
ExoDek QuickClip Hidden Deck Fastener | 40% Faster Installation | Always Perfect 1/4" Spacing

Our clip system is incredibly fast and efficient to install. Our speed tests show installation speeds up to 40% faster compared with other hidden deck fasteners. During installation, our system holds the 1/4" gap between boards more reliably than any other clip system available.

Installation Instructions for Hidden Decking Fasteners

ExoDek QuickClip hidden deck fasteners are designed primarily for use with 5/4x4 and 5/4x6 with the groove centered in height - the installer may choose the best face. Our clips can also be used with 1x4, 1x6, 2x4 and 2x6 with an offset groove - always locate the groove 13/32” or approximately 0.40" from bottom face. Run the groove with the best face up since 1x4, 1x6, 2x4 and 2x6 boards will not be reversible.

Ground-side Ventilation: Build your deck so that the surface is at least 16” above the ground when using 1x4, 5/4x4 or 2x4 decking material. When using 1x6, 5/4x6 or 2x6, the deck must be constructed a minimum of 36” off the ground. There must be adequate air circulation underneath the deck in order to prevent cupping and warping of boards. In wet areas or over water, additional clearance is recommended. In close to ground applications, 60” or less above ground, a vapor barrier is necessary to prevent moisture from absorbing into the underside of the decking boards.

We recommend installing your deck in sections of 4 to 6 rows at a time. Use a "bow wrench" or other tool on the outer board to get your section in alignment before screwing down the outermost clip to the joist. Once the last board in your section is fastened, you can go back and drive in screws at all the other clip locations. Be sure to check the alignment of rows with a laser guide, chalk line or snap line, and keep the distance from walls consistent as you work outwards. The starter board should be face screwed and fasteners may be countersunk and plugged with a dowel. 1/8" hardwood shims are provided in the box to level out the starter boards.

Our fastener kits are sold by the box (175 clips) or bucket (700 clips) and include written instructions, a T15 torx drive bit, and deck screws.

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The Only Flexible, Resilient, Hidden Deck Fastener Available | Glass Infused, Nylon 66 | Maximum Durability for Salt Water & Marine Use
ExoDek QuickClip Hidden Deck Fasteners Compression
ExoDek QuickClip Hidden Decking Fasteners Compression
ExoDek QuickClip Hidden Decking Fasteners Angle View
ExoDek QuickClip Hidden Deck Fastener - Angle View
Pre-grooved Standard Decking Boards or Cut Grooves with a Biscuit Joiner

Our deck clips are designed for typical 5/4x4 and 5/4x6 grooved deck boards with 3/16" height grooves located at the mid point of the thickness or height of the board. With typical 1" net thickness boards, the lower edge of the groove is located at 13/32" or approximately 0.40" when measured from the bottom of the board. Our clips require a minimum groove height of 1/8" but the location of the groove off the bottom of the board must be milled precisely at 0.40" +/- .01" from the bottom. When using our deck clip with 1x4 or 1x6 boards, the groove will be offset in height and therefore, only one face will be usable during installation. The recommended groove depth is 1/2" with a minimum depth of 7/16".

We do not recommend using 1x6 with hidden fasteners. 1x6 boards are inherently less stable than other typical sizes of decking. 5/4x4 is the most stable board and is our standard recommendation for the most versatile board that can handle a wider variety of installation conditions.

How Many Boxes of Fasteners Do I Need?
ExoDek QuickClip Hidden Deck Fasteners Usage Table
ExoDek QuickClip Hidden Deck Fasteners Grooved Decking Board Patterns
Lifetime Warranty

ExoDek QuickClip hidden deck fasteners have a limited lifetime warranty subject to certain terms and conditions. Please see www.novausawood.com for details on our warranty and registration. Installation instructions for the ExoDek QuickClip hidden deck fasteners and the manufacturer’s installation instructions for the wood decking itself must be followed for the warranty to be valid. Be sure to allow for adequate ventilation underneath your deck and follow all manufacturer’s instructions, including finishing your deck with an appropriate penetrating oil wood finish.

Ipe 5/4x4 Deck - ExoDek QuickClips - ExoShield Walnut
Ipe 5/4x4 Deck - ExoDek QuickClips - ExoShield Walnut
Ipe 5/4x4 Deck - ExoDek QuickClips - ExoShield Walnut
Ipe 5/4x4 Deck - ExoDek QuickClips - ExoShield Walnut

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