Batu Fencing. 25 Year Warranty.
Never Replace Your Fence Again.

Batu Fencing. Class A Fire Rating.
Most Fire Resistant Hardwood Available.

Batu fencing. Stunning Beauty.
Consistent Color.

Batu fencing. Finished with ExoShield Wood Stain.
Longest Last Wood Stain Available.


Batu fencing. Premium Quality.
Affordable Elegance.

Wood Fencing | Hardwood Fencing in Batu, Ipe and Cumaru

ExoShield Wood Stain for Fencing

Finish off your fencing project with the longest lasting exterior wood stain available! ExoShield is our Tung Oil based, marine grade and all natural wood stain that features not only the maximum amount of UV blocking, but also the highest overall protection on the market. ExoShield wood stain has been proven to perform outstandingly on both hardwoods and softwoods.

Perfect for all tropical hardwoods including: Ipe, Batu, Red Balau, Cumaru, Teak, Brazilian Walnut, Yellow Balau, Garapa, Meranti & Tigerwood.

Works great on softwoods such as: Cedar, Redwood, Alaska Yellow Cedar, Southern Yellow Pine, Douglas Fir & Hemlock.

ExoShield Marine Grade Tung Oil Deck Stain

Tropical Hardwood Fencing - Built to Last

Nova offers a variety of tropical hardwoods for your fencing needs. Tropical hardwoods offer the most stunning look for exterior fencing and are some of the longest lasting fencing materials available today. Nova is the leading supplier of tropical hardwood and exotic hardwood materials.

All of our tropical hardwood species for fencing are available in 1x6 or 1x4 boards with options for 1/2x6 and 1/2x4 boards. We offer 5/4x4, 5/4x6, 2x4 and 2x6 for railings and top caps, and 4x4 fence posts.

Our 1/2x6 and 1/2x4 are resawn from typical 5/4x6 or 5/4x4 kiln dried deck boards to to make a thinner board for the optimal combination of value and durability.

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Nova Batu Fencing, Red Balau

Nova is the leading importer of Batu, also known as Red Balau Hardwood. With over 30 years of experience in sourcing the finest Batu hardwood in the world, our staff is here to assist in your search for the perfect combination of quality and value.

Fine landscape architecture demands the highest quality materials. Professional builders and do-it-yourselfers alike enjoy working with Nova's Batu hardwood fencing because of its high quality and remarkable consistency.

Batu Hardwood Fencing

Nova Batu hardwood fencing closely resembles the rich classic look of Mahogany. Heartwood from Batu or Red Balau hardwood ranges from a medium red to a deep red / brown with purple tinges and often has resin canals with white contents in concentric lines on end surfaces which produce a warm and visually striking effect. The texture is moderately fine and grain is typically interlocked.

Batu Hardwood Fencing Gate

Meranti Batu / Red Balau Hardwood - Quality Without Compromise

Because we stake our reputation on the superior quality of our Batu fencing products we are confident that when your project is complete, no other material will provide you with the satisfaction and distinctive beauty of Batu hardwood fencing.

Batu Hardwood Fencing
Batu Hardwood Fencing

Only Environmentlly Sustainable Red Balau Batu, Every Time

Batu Hardwood Fencing Post

Our Batu Fencing comes from tropical hardwood forests in Indonesia which are essentially public lands, managed and protected by the Government of Indonesia. Natural forest utilization in Indonesia was started in the 1970s as a national development program.

Indonesia has designated all forest lands according to four classifications in order to ensure a sustainable balance between preservation and development. They have been named: production forests, conversion forests, protection forests, and conservation forests or national parks and wildlife refuges. About 113 million hectares have thus been set aside as permanent forests (for the production, protection and conservation groupings).

Two forest certification systems are in use at present in Indonesia: the Indonesian ecolabelling system developed by LEI (Lembaga Ekolabel Indonesia); and the Forest Stewardship Council scheme. Although the LEI and FSC certification systems were originally developed quite separately, the two organizations have been working to bring them closer together over the past ten years. LEI and the FSC signed a Memorandum of Understanding in September 1999, and strengthened this working agreement with a Joint Certification Protocol on September 20, 2000.

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Nova Ipe Fencing, Brazilian Walnut

Nova offers some of the highest quality Ipe fencing as well! Ipe is a rich, dark brown color sometimes known as Brazilian Walnut. It will gradually age to a very lustrous silver-grey color if left untreated. Ipe fencing can be oiled and stained to restore it's rich color.

Ipe Hardwood fencing

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Nova Cumaru Fencing

Nova Cumaru has beautiful and exotic grain characteristics with colors ranging from honey brown to reddish brown. Also known as Brazilian Teak and Brazilian Chestnut, Cumaru is a highly dense, durable and versatile hardwood.

Cumaru Fencing Close up

Class A Fire Rating

Nova’s Hardwood fencing is Class A fire rated which makes it the perfect choice for building in dry areas such as California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon, and Idaho; or any areas with building regulations that require Class A fire rated materials. Our wood fencing is an economical natural alternative to other fencing options when the entire lifecycle of the deck or outdoor project is considered.

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