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Cumaru Decking Cumaru Decking

Cumaru Decking - Value and Quality Combined

Nova Cumaru Decking has beautiful and exotic grain characteristics with colors ranging from honey brown to reddish brown. Also known as Brazilian Teak and Brazilian Chestnut, Cumaru is a highly dense, durable and versatile hardwood. Used both as hardwood exterior decking and exterior siding, Nova’s Cumaru Hardwood Decking is the right choice to add premium long-lasting beauty to any property. Nova Cumaru Decking is available in decking sizes 1x4, 1x6 and 5/4x6. Other sizes may be available by special order.

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Cumaru: Strong, Stable & Naturally Durable

Nova Cumaru Decking is truly one of the best decking product available in terms of strength, stability, and durability. Cumaru Decking is also naturally resistant to decay, wet conditions, infestation by termites and wood boring insects of all types. Our Cumaru is carefully graded in order to insure we only supply the highest quality Cumaru Hardwood Decking available. Nova’s Cumaru Hardwood Decking contains no harmful chemicals and can be used near water with no worry of contamination.

Low Maintenance, Premium Quality, Sustainable

For low-maintenance, durability, and incredible beauty, choose high quality Nova Cumaru wood decking products, and avoid the shortcomings of composite and softwood decking. Cumaru decking is sure to outlast typical domestic softwoods, and it comes at an affordable price, making it a great choice for any homeowner, builder, or business. We also carry a full line of unfinished and prefinished Cumaru hardwood flooring. Feel free to call or email us with any questions regarding our Cumaru Hardwood Decking, or Cumaru Hardwood Flooring products.

Class A Fire Rating, 25 Year Warranty

Nova’s Cumaru Hardwood Decking is Class A fire rated which makes it the perfect choice for building in dry areas such as California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, and Idaho; or any areas with building regulations that require Class A fire rated materials. We also offer a 25 Year Decking Warranty with all our naturally durable, exotic hardwood decking products. Nova Cumaru Decking is an economical natural alternative to other decking options when the entire lifecycle of the deck or outdoor project is considered. Its rich color and natural grain is breathtaking and is certain to provide a lifetime of beauty.

Cumaru Decking Cumaru Decking

Rich Color Requires Simple Reapplication of Oil Finish

Cumaru Decking will maintain its structural integrity as it ages, and will gradually age to a lustrous silver-grey if left untreated. To retain the rich honey brown color, we recommend a high quality penetrating oil finish with ultraviolet inhibitors every 2-3 years. Regular cleaning and reapplication of finish will ensure that the wood retains its natural beauty for many years. Nova offers an oil finish perfect for exotic hardwood decking called ExoShield along with online instructions on how to refinish your deck.

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Cumaru Decking Information

Cumaru was one of the first exotic wood alternatives to Ipe for use as decking. Cumaru decking is imported from the same regions as Ipe and they are both similar in look. In fact, originally Cumaru was mixed in with Ipe and the two were sold together. Cumaru is often separated into two color separations: light (also known as Yellow Cumaru, or Brazilian Teak), and dark (also known as Red Cumaru, Brazilian Chestnut, or Southern Chestnut).

Nova sources both Yellow Cumaru and Red Cumaru; however, it is common to find reddish pieces in the Yellow Cumaru and yellow pieces in the Red Cumaru. Many importers today are buying mixed color Cumaru which looks fantastic in person. The natural color variation and range of hues from honey brown to brownish red are truly stunning.

Cumaru - Key Selling Points

  • Naturally Beautiful
  • Golden Brown Color
  • Lengths up to 20’
  • Low Maintenance
  • Long Term Sustainability
  • Highly Durable
  • Highly Dense
  • 25 Year Warranty
  • High Fire Rating
  • Rot Resistant
  • Insect Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Sourced From: Brazil, Peru
  • Expected Life: 50+ years

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Cumaru Decking Cumaru Decking

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