Hardwood Decking Safety Tip: Non-Slip Pads

By Ben Nystrom, 06/08/11

As a leading importer of high-quality hardwood decking material, we here at Nova encourage anyone who purchases our fine products to use them wisely. This means exercising precaution before, during, and after the installation process. When it comes to decking, one of the best post-installation safety precautions you can take is to use anti-slip padding.

Now don't get us wrong – anti-slip padding isn't usually necessary. It is used mainly for areas near water or that have a tendency to freeze. If your deck is located in a warm, dry place with no pool or lake nearby, you probably can disregard this post.

Anti-slip pads are one of the best ways to reduce fall and injury on new Cumaru or Ipe hardwood decking. They offer excellent traction enhancement and protection against slippery surfaces. They're perfect for poolside decking, lakeside decking, and decks in rainy or freezing parts of the country. The following are a few of the different types of anti-slip pads you can purchase and where it is best to use them.

Self-Adhesive Pads

These are easy to use and are versatile enough to go just about anywhere. Most come with rounded corners in a variety of colors. They're great for high-wear areas like steps or pathways.

Non-Slip Tape

With the protection of a pad and the versatility of a roll of duct tape, this product is perfect for awkwardly-shaped decks or patios. You can cut pieces into any length you need, as well as layer the tape for added traction. Relatively inexpensive and easy to use, non-slip tape is often used for commercial purposes as well as residential.

Non-slip tape can make your poolside decking much safer.

Non-Slip Mats

Mats are great for poolside decking or grill areas. Usually made of mold-resistant plastic or rubber, no-slip mats can be easily removed, cleaned, and put back in place. Many public pools, marinas, and water parks use mats where slippery surfaces could be a liability.

By Ben Nystrom, 06/08/11

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