NWFA Preview - 2009 Hardwood Flooring Show

By Steve Getsiv, 04/20/09

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The annual NWFA, National Wood Flooring Association, trade show starts next week in beautiful southern California. We are hoping for great weather and a strong showing, despite recent economic conditions.

We will be introducing our Asian line of products: the Elemental Classics and Elemental Heritage Collections. This collection includes Acacia, Asian Walnut; Birch; and White Oak - all available in a number of stains in both solid and engineered formats. We are excited about this new product line and have already had excellent feedback from many of our customers.

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Acacia is by far the most popular of these new products, followed by our Asian Teak stained, handscraped White Oak. Please give us a call for more information:

US Flooring - John McGlocklin +206.501.4432

By Steve Getsiv, 04/20/09

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