5 Health Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

By Ben Nystrom, 04/25/12

You already know that hardwood flooring looks great, lasts for years, and adds long-term value to any home. But there’s an additional benefit to a quality installation of engineered or exotic hardwood flooring that you may not have considered: an improved health outlook for your clients and their families. Here are five points to consider:

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Hardwood doesn’t trap allergens.

Carpet can trap exactly the kind of fine particulate matter that exacerbates allergies. Pollen, pet dander, and other particles find a home there and don’t want to leave.

Carpet harbors dust mites.

Virtually all carpets teem with these microscopic parasites, who feed on dust and tiny human skin particles. Besides being unappetizing, dust mites produce scat that’s — again — highly allergenic.

Hardwood flooring is a snap to disinfect.

A quick damp-mopping with a manufacturer-approved anti-bacterial cleaner is all it takes to sterilize hardwood. There’s no simple analogous way to purge pathogens from carpet.

Carpets trap dust.

A clean hardwood floor is just that — clean. All the vacuuming in the world won’t completely remove the dust that hides among a carpet’s fibers — dust that can exacerbate asthma and other respiratory complaints.

Hardwood is a natural product.

Carpets are made using synthetic fibers, and their manufacture often includes chemical processes that leave harsh residues. These solvents, polymers and sealers can leach into your home for years after installation.

These are just some of the ways we think an exotic hardwood flooring installation from Nova USA beats carpet on the health front. Contact your Nova flooring representative today to discuss how to pitch the health benefits of hardwood to your prospective clients and customers.

By Ben Nystrom, 04/25/12


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