ExoDek QuickClip Advantages & Features

By Naomi Comstock, 11/08/21

The Launch of Nova's Newest Innovative Technology

When it comes to hidden fasteners for hardwood decking, there is a prominent hole in the market that Nova USA Wood has filled. The ExoDek® QuickClip® is Nova's newest patented technology that is designed to work perfectly alongside hardwood and its unique properties.

As we've learned, there's no way to prevent your deck boards from reacting to the environmental moisture and expanding and contracting. With that being said, it means you have to work with the expansion - not against it, while maintaining your decks overall integrity. Nova USA Wood has done just that.
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Nova Blog Photo
Nova Blog Photo

Installation Efficiency = Longer Lasting Deck Boards

The ExoDek® QuickClip® is designed for grooved hardwood decking to be fastened with a single screw. The clips wings firmly grab onto deck board between the grooves to keep the board in place. The deck boards do not have to be drilled through with this design, as the screw is instead driven through the top through the guide hole and secured into the deck frame joist.                                                                        
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Nova Blog Photo

Expanding & Shrinking Isn't a Problem Anymore

The ExoDek® QuickClip® features a unique design that actually allows the wood to expand and contract while firmly maintaining hold down strength to keep the boards level and in place. A single deck board can produce up to 500 pounds of pressure on the clip as it reaches its maximum expansion. This also means the deck board is increasing in width up to 1/4".

Carefully designed, the clip not only can withstand the compression and easily go back into place when the board shrinks back down, but the clip also provides you with the perfect 1/4" space leaving room for the boards to expand and avoiding any buckling!
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Weather Can Be Unpredictable, But The ExoDek QuickClip Is Always Prepared.

Since the weather and humidity fluctuate many times throughout the year, we needed to ensure the clips' longevity. The clip underwent testing to ensure that the long-term repeated expansion and contraction of the deck boards would have no negative impact on the clips' integrity. Cycle testing using a pneumatically powered machine compressed and released the clip over 250 times and the ExoDek® QuickClip® suffered no failures or permanent deformations.

With natural hardwoods, it's a very good idea to provide ample air flow around the boards. If the deck board directly rests on the joist, trapped water underneath the board can cause a moisture imbalance which can lead to cupping, rot and excessive checking. With this in mind, our clip provides the perfect 1/8" bench for the deck board to sit on so that it doesn't rest directly on the joist, allowing for airflow and to help reduce these issues.
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Each and every component of the ExoDek QuickClip was designed with purpose and precision to make sure it reaches above and beyond the necessary criteria for success.

Stay tuned for more information about the material we chose for the clip and why it is the perfect choice!

By Naomi Comstock, 11/08/21

"Naomi, Do you think I could use your QuickClips with standard Cedar 2" x 6" material? I could easily and precisely cut the grooves with my biscuit cutter machine on the edges of each board?"

By David Garden on 05/02/22

"Hi David, our clips can absolutely be used with 2x6 Cedar and cutting with a biscuit joiner would work well. Feel free to call us if you need any additional help or have any other questions."

By Keaton Smith on 05/09/22

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