New Forest Products Trade and Transport System Upcoming in Brazil?

By Sophia Christou, 03/23/17

The country that has the largest rainforest in the world, is also the one that has the greatest threat of deforestation and illegal logging. The Brazilian government is constantly trying to minimize deforestation by implementing programs to control logging. Since Brazil has no third-party sustainable foresting agency like other parts of the world including Indonesia, Malyasia, Canada, etc., it relies on the forest stewardship council (FSC) to certify sustainable timber extraction. This can be difficult to do with such a large organization, and while NOVA is FSC certified sustainable, there are other programs implemented to ensure legal, sustainable foresting in the Brazilian rainforest.

In Brazil, a Forest Products Trade and Transport System (SISFLORA) is used to monitor and control the transport of forest products, including timber. Recently, an updated version of the system (SISFLORA 2.0) has been discussed to potentially replace the old system. It adopts a new system for the chain of custody reporting and will be implimented by state environmental agencies. The new system involves an extremely detailed control mechanism. In addition, the authorization process for issuing the document ‘Forest Guide’ which is required during the purchase, sale, and transport of logs and primary wood products, has become more bureaucratic. According to timber producers the new system requires too much detail, and satisfying the new requirement will be an enormous challenge. We will see what comes of this discussion, and if the government can find a way to mutually benefit the forest and foresters.

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By Sophia Christou, 03/23/17


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