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By Ben Nystrom, 08/22/11

We often get asked about our Brazilian forestry operations: what kind of partnerships we are engaged in? what type of quality control measures we have in place, etc.? We are proud of our South American operations and the transparency therein, and have compiled answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Q: Who owns the company, and where does it operate?
A: Nova Forest Products is owned by David Zugman and John McGlocklin. Both have extensive experience in the procurement of Brazilian lumber, as well as the day-to-day operations of local mills. The company is based in Curitiba, Parana, Brazil, and has satellite procurement offices in Ji-Parana, Rondia, Manaus, and Belem, Para state.

Q: Who owns the facilities your company uses?
A: We have our own concentration yard, warehouses, dry kilns, and some re-manufacturing capabilities.

Q: Is Nova an importer, exporter, or both?
A: We operate both as specialized and small-scale producer-exporters and as commissioned purchasing agents for importers around the world.

Q: What quality control measures does Nova have in place to ensure high-end products and hassle-free procurement?
A: We act as your eyes and ears in Brazil, finding and establishing direct relationships between you and the appropriate producing mills. As part of this process, we take responsibility for setting up production, overseeing grading/QC, shipping and vessel reservations, getting the material to the port and on a vessel, supervision of emission of original export documentation, and confirmation of payment. Nova also oversees the resolution of problems and complications in a way that attempts to satisfy both parties.

Q: Why should I choose Nova to handle my South American hardwood needs?
A: Nova has a proven track record of developing successful relationships with many supply mills and hardwood procurement agencies. We offer you an efficient, controlled way to develop strong business relations directly with Brazilian suppliers.

Dedicated to Sustainability
From procurement to shipping, Nova Forest Products is dedicated to connecting you with the highest quality South American hardwood products in the most efficient, safest manner.

By Ben Nystrom, 08/22/11

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