Hardwood vs Composite Decking: 5 Reasons to Choose Wood

By Keaton Smith, 07/02/19

hardwood vs composite decking

With warmer weather arriving, countless people are looking to fix up their deck to get ready for all the summer fun. With so many different decking options on the market, it can be challenging to decide which one is best for your home. The decking materials debate revolves mainly around two options: composite decking vs. wood decking. Both are great materials, but which is best?

5 Advantages of Hardwood over Composite Decking

Here are five reasons that hardwood decking is the superior choice.

1. Real Hardwood Decking Looks Great

Everyone wants beautiful, natural-looking decking and nothing accomplishes that more than real hardwood decking. While composite decking tries to mimic the look of real wood, it falls way short of replicating hardwood perfectly. So, when it comes down to it, for the most beautiful and natural looking decking, the best option is to go with real, naturally durable hardwood.

Another thing to note about the composite decking vs. wood aesthetics debate is that composite decking, due to its composition, has higher heat retention when exposed to sunlight. Therefore, if you live in an area with hot, sunny summers, the decking may begin fading faster; not to mention the fact that on really hot days your kids will burn their feet walking barefoot on the deck. Ouch!

2. Hardwood Decking Has a Natural Durability

Hardwood Decking

There is a wide range of wood species that exist, and each has its own benefits. When it comes to hardwood decking vs. composite decking, hardwood decking is an incredible, naturally durable option.

The Janka Hardness Scale is used to rank the hardness or resistance to scratching of various species of wood. The higher the wood ranks on the scale, the more resistant to scratches and dents. Companies like Nova USA Wood offer a wide range of hardwood decking options such as Ipe decking, Cumaru decking and Massaranduba decking, which are some of the hardest hardwoods on the market today.

3. Hardwood Decking Is Low Maintenance

Contrary to popular belief when it comes to the debate of hardwood decking vs. composite decking maintenance, hardwood decking doesn't actually require as much maintenance as some people think.

The most basic maintenance that hardwood decking requires is keeping it free from debris and washing it every so often. However, if you want your hardwood decking to maintain its beautiful, natural coloring and not become weathered, it is also vital to apply an oil-based deck stain on an annual basis. This will protect the color and longevity of the wood by protecting it from the sun's harmful UV rays.

Even composite decks still require annual maintenance in order to prevent algae and fungus growth and to remove the occasional seedling that takes up root between boards.

With naturally durable hardwood, there is less concern about things like decay, rotting, termites and other bugs, because the wood is naturally resistant to these.

4. Composite Decking vs. Wood Cost

A significant factor in hardwood vs. composite decking is the cost of each product. When looking at the composite decking versus wood cost, you will find that you actually pay more for composite decking, between the initial order and the installation costs.

Wood can be much more cost effective since it offers natural durability and doesn't require special manufacturing. Even with treated lumber, there is a much lower cost for natural hardwood decking.

5. Hardwood Offers a Boost in Property Value

exterior hardwood decking

Another key benefit of choosing hardwood over composite decking is the potential to increase the value of your home. By having a deck, especially one made with beautiful, durable hardwood, you are providing more living space, which is something many people would pay more for.

So, if you ever plan to sell your house, choosing hardwood decking will allow you to get the most for your home's resale value. A study done by the National Association of REALTORS® and National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) stated that a new wood deck will recover 80 percent of its value when a home is sold.

Choosing Hardwood vs. Composite Decking

Now that you've learned the many benefits to hardwood decking, you may be wondering which provider to go with. Nova USA Wood Products is a company with a wide range of hardwood species from ones like Ipe, which is well known as one of the best, to newer options like Brazilian Redwood, Batu and Cumaru.

Nova's products are highly durable and sustainably sourced, so you can trust their products are strong, resilient and built to last while also coming from ethical sources. Best of all, with so many highly durable options, there won't be an issue in finding a hardwood decking option that fits not just your backyard needs, but your budget and style as well.

If you are looking to install new decking for your home and are stuck in the hardwood decking vs. composite decking debate, do not rule hardwood decking out. It is a beautiful option with many benefits to offer. It is a highly durable, low maintenance option that comes in a wide array of species, meaning you can find one to fit any environment and overall backyard aesthetic.

Nothing can compare to the look of hardwood, so take a look at what companies like Nova USA Wood Products have to offer, and you are sure to find your perfect, affordable fit!

By Keaton Smith, 07/02/19

"I've owned a Cumaru deck for over 10 years and can't believe how nice it looks. No rotting or decay - and the color looks awesome with ExoShield Walnut Tung oil stain."

By Steve G on 06/26/19

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