Nova USA and the Lacey Act: Quality Products Responsibly Harvested

By Ben Nystrom, 05/18/12

As a purveyor of exotic hardwood flooring in one of the most environmentally-aware cities in the nation, Nova USA Wood is well-used to fielding questions about the sourcing of our exotic woods. It's a legitimate concern, after all — we import from a part of the world that's environmentally sensitive, so people naturally want to be sure that our suppliers are responsible.

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Rest assured that Nova USA is 100% committed to sustainable forestry. We have a responsibility to our customers to bring them the best quality exotic woods, but we have a responsibility to the planet to make sure those woods are sustainably harvested.

One of the most powerful tools we in the exotic hardwood flooring industry have to make sure our products are sustainably harvested is called the Lacey Act. This 2008 law regulates imports of exotic woods, and makes it a crime to sell those which are illegally harvested.

Nova USA is not only in 100% compliance with all Lacey Act standards, we've taken our commitment a step further by becoming a Forest Stewardship Council certified vendor.

Finally, we've been working closely with IBAMA, a top Brazilian environmental organization, to raise awareness of sustainable forestry issues with both Brazilian and US policymakers.

We understand that exotic hardwood flooring isn't merely the privilege of the current generation — it should be responsibly tended such that it can be a stylish and durable option for homeowners for many generations to come. And at Nova USA Wood, we're committed to making that vision a reality.

By Ben Nystrom, 05/18/12

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