Keruing, Apitong Shiplap Trailer Decking

By Steve Getsiv, 02/24/09

Tomorrow, I am traveling to Oakland, CA to meet an old friend and discuss our plans for an import truck trailer hardwood decking program. This is exciting stuff because I have been working with trailer decking and trailer flooring for a long time, but honestly, never really was committed to putting a real program together. Something was always in the way of buying direct and selling direct.

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Finally, we are ready to build a direct program with no compromise standards for direct purchasing and direct selling. Our philosophy is to buy as well as we can and sell direct to aftermarket parts dealers, trailer repair centers and trailer owners. Our goal is to offer better pricing than anyone else in the business - why? because we will maximize our efficiency at every step of the process. No waste. Really. Why should customers pay for a bloated management layer? Why should customers pay for broker fees when they add little value? Fine, argue with me on this point.

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We need companies that run efficiently: Companies that believe in eliminating waste at every step of the process. That's our core philosophy.

That's why we started

By Steve Getsiv, 02/24/09

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