Brazilian Cherry Flooring Google Search

By Steve Getsiv, 02/25/09

For "Brazilian Cherry Flooring", I've been wondering why our web site isn't ranked higher in the Google results. Nova USA is the largest importer of unfinished Brazilian Cherry flooring. We stock material in Portland, OR, Oakland, CA, Denver, CO, Savannah, GA, Charleston, SC, Philadelphia, PA / Camden, NJ and Tilton, NH.

Brazilian Cherry Flooring Packaging
Just check out our packaging quality. It's the best in the business. I took this picture at our Oakland warehouse facility this AM. Very clean warehouse. You could eat off the floor. That's the right way to store an expensive and beautiful product like our Brazilian Cherry Select Unfinished Flooring.

Anyway, the question is why aren't we ranked higher if we are the largest importer and have the best quality? Web rankings on Google are not exactly simple to understand. We use tools to optimize our web site for keywords, headings, meta tags and more and still we are only on the third page.

That's why I'm blogging now - hoping to drive a little more traffic to our site and improve our rankings on search engines.

By Steve Getsiv, 02/25/09

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