Nova Featured Product: Java Walnut

By Ben Nystrom, 04/09/12

Welcome to another installment of our spotlight series, Nova's Featured Products. Today we're taking a look at one of the often overlooked exotic hardwood flooring products: Java Walnut.

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Java Walnut is another of Nova's newest exotic flooring products from Southeast Asia. The wood is a beautiful brownish-red color very similar to Dark Cumaru or Sucupira. The grain of the species is tight to wavy, giving many of the pieces a unique rippled effect. One of the characteristics that sets Java Walnut apart from its Indonesian relatives like Kempas and Merbau is its hardness. While Kempas & Merbau are both sufficiently hard (approximately 1700psi), Java Walnut rates right around 2400, putting it in the same class as Brazilian Cherry. It is also very similar to Brazilian Cherry regarding stability.

When considering alternatives to traditional South American exotics, Java Walnut should be at the top of your list. It meets all of the trademark requirements – gorgeous color, beautiful graining, good stability, and exceptional hardness. Availability is also excellent and pricing is very competitive. It is available as a solid prefinished 11/16" thick x 3.6" wide . 1'-6' long.

Contact your Nova hardwood flooring representative to discuss our varieties of Java Walnut.

By Ben Nystrom, 04/09/12

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