10 Modern Deck Ideas for a Stand-Out Back Yard

By Steve Getsiv, 05/01/20

Batu decking on a customers lakehouse

A deck adds comfort and serenity to a home. Coming home to your deck at the end of the day, or just spending all day out on the deck, means it's not just an addition to the home, but it's a place homeowners can create memories.

Nova USA Wood Products is fully committed to ensuring the health, safety, and well-being of our employees and customers. This is our top priority as we continue to provide the support and service our customers rely on to keep their decks looking great. With so many people stuck at home right now, decks give us a great opportunity to get outside and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

Why Have a Wood Deck?

A wood deck is a versatile choice homeowners prefer for multiple reasons. Pairing the right modern wood deck with the perfect design can take an average deck to something truly beautiful. Unlike composite materials that try to mimic natural wood, real wood gives natural color variations that simply aren't reproducible by machines.

With a choice between four- and six-inch boards, along with dozens of wood varieties, there are plenty of choices for modern wood deck designs. We've compiled a few modern deck ideas to help get that inspiration flowing!

1. Mixed Materials Adds Contrast

Mixed material decking using hidden fasteners

Any modern decking design can be enhanced with mixed materials such as glass or cable railings. Light wood and black metal railings create a high contrast look that is both interesting and stylish. Cable or glass railings also provide an unobstructed view so homeowners can enjoy the nature of their backyards without clunky interference.

Pairing this look with high contrast complementary furniture, such as a red accent color for extra pop, will create a sophisticated, comfortable look. Finish off with flowers, green foliage and the perfect lighting, and this deck is one out of our dreams!

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2. Perpendicular Adds Length

Batu deck with Perpendicular Deck boards

Installing perpendicular boards creates the illusion of a wider deck. With many wrap-around decks, the boards are already headed in that direction which makes this look even easier to achieve. Be sure your joist placement and spacing will accommodate the perpendicular orientation.

Natural wood materials such as Batu Decking already have beautiful and exotic grain characteristics and colors, adding an extra dynamic look to modern decking ideas. Also known as Red Balau Hardwood, Batu is a dense, durable and versatile hardwood that can withstand busy families and harsh climates, and has the highest fire rating available. Using either four-inch or six-inch boards can change the vibe of this perpendicular design. But either way, we're in love!

3. The Open Deck View

Open deck with a ocean view

Having an open deck expands the entertainment space, creating a seamless flow into a backyard and bringing nature to homeowners' backdoors. With views like this, enjoying a morning coffee on an open deck feels like camping but with all the convenience of modern living!

Ensuring the deck is at least 16 inches above ground gives the feeling of a bigger view, while also ensuring your deck stays protected from moisture in the ground. Pair this with underlighting on the stairs, and you have a beautifully framed deck.

Because this deck is more exposed to the elements, making sure the wood is protected is key to longevity. ExoShield exterior wood stain is a high-quality wood stain made from the finest marine grade materials. It's perfect for almost all wood species and offers superior protection against inclement weather, temperature fluctuations, fungus and harmful UV rays. Plus, the colors are gorgeous! Check out available colors here.

4. A Tiered Deck Expands Space

Tiered mixed color hardwood deck

A tiered deck not only expands the amount of useful space, but it also creates interest. By dividing areas into different levels, there can be multiple cozy spots for homeowners and their families and friends to tuck into.

One of the added benefits of natural wood decks is the natural color variations of the boards. A large deck can feel like a big empty space if it's not filled up with furniture or plants. With natural color variations, this makes a spacious deck feel full of interest, even between delineated tiered sitting areas.

5. Hidden Decking Clips Keeps It Seamless

Hidden Deck Clips show your deck off

Hidden decking clips eliminate the need for unsightly hardware, giving a deck a seamless look that is modern and stylish. Hidden decking clips like ExoDek® QuickClip™ work on a pressure hinge system, allowing for seasonal expansion and contraction to occur without warping or cupping. These clips are perfect to help homeowners achieve their modern decking design dreams.

Want to keep the deck looking this beautiful? Using a long-lasting oil will help retain natural color and beauty.

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6. Alternate 4" and 6" Width Boards

Alternating Boards add impact to a japanese style garden

Another popular and visually intriguing idea is to mix 4" and 6" boards by alternating them. As you're relaxing on your deck, soaking in the sunshine on a hot Summer day while turning pages of Anna Karenina, your eyes will appreciate the pattern. Just alternate your boards just like Tolstoy alternated names in the book, Alternate Alternate-More-Pretty.

7. Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens keep the family together

Gone are the days of entertaining inside! Outdoor kitchens are a hot trend and they're here to stay. Having the convenience of an outdoor kitchen allows the cook and guests to enjoy the outside together. Plus, there's no more ferrying plates from the inside to the deck dining area.

Include an outdoor smart music system and charging station, and no one has to go indoors all evening long.

With the variety of uses a modern deck can provide, homeowners want to make sure their decks are durable. Batu hardwood decking is high durability and low maintenance, and with just a little bit of care, it will outlast typical domestic softwoods with an expected life expectancy of 50 years compared to softwood's 10-15 year experience. We can smell the barbeque now!

8. Add a Fire Pit

Built in Fire pits make decks warm and inviting in Autumn evenings

After a delicious meal outside, what better way to relax than with a deck fire pit? Deck fire pits are a popular addition to modern deck designs, and we can see why! Creating a circular, warm space where friends and family can sit around a fire sounds like a perfect weekend.

Nova's Batu hardwood decking is a Class A fire-rated product, making this the perfect wood for dry climates and fire pits. Plus, with a 25-year decking warranty, you're sure to enjoy your beautiful deck for years to come.

9. Bring the TV Outside

TV outdoors while on the deck

You heard us: Bring the TV outside! Is your favorite team playing? Or maybe you're hosting a movie night. No matter the event, the deck is the perfect place to host. Combine this with an outdoor kitchen to keep the snacks flowing, and this is one modern deck design we can't wait to try.

But make sure you don't skimp on the outdoor furniture. Invest in high-quality, deep-cushioned chairs, chaise lounges and plenty of footstools, and your guests may end up staying well past bedtime. We suggest some blankets, too, so you can enjoy your events even on cool evenings.

10. Add a Hot Tub for Splashing Around

Built in Hot Tub on a Cumaru Deck
Photo courtesy of Poco Building Materials, Houston Landscapes, Port Coquitlam, BC Canada

What could be more fun than splashing around your hot tub while looking out on your beautiful outdoor space? Locating your tub relatively near to the sitting area will keep everyone in the conversation once the bathers turn off the jets!

Get Started Today

Choosing the perfect dream deck for your home is a big decision. Whether you're a homeowner or industry professional, choosing the right materials and look can make a modern deck design go from just okay to truly spectacular.

Check out our decking calculator and contact us today with any questions or to get started.

By Steve Getsiv, 05/01/20

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