Ipe Decking vs. Cumaru Decking - Definitive Comparison

By Steve Getsiv, 06/07/09

After working for several years promoting Cumaru decking, I think we finally are starting to make some progress. Ipe is a great species of wood and has proven itself as the best choice for exterior wood decking. Cumaru is a close second and costs about 20-30% less than Ipe.

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In summary, even though Ipe has 90% of the tropical hardwood decking market in the U.S., we believe Cumaru will become a more popular choice over time. The key with Cumaru is that it must be kiln dried to 10-12% MC. It is similar in strength and durability and will provide a fantastic residential or commercial deck for many years to come.

Cumaru is in abundant supply from South America including Brazil, Bolivia, and Peru.

By Steve Getsiv, 06/07/09

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