Best Hidden Deck Fasteners for Wood & Composite Decking

By Steve Getsiv, 11/01/23

Decking Perfection: The Best Hidden Fasteners for a Seamless Look

When it comes to decking, the key to a sleek, clean finish lies in the details. Hidden fasteners for wood decking can dramatically enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor space. This guide explores hidden deck fasteners, and highlights brands like Deckwise, Azek, Camo, Trex, and Fiberon, and focuses on Nova's ExoDek QuickClip for wood decking.

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Introduction to Hidden Fasteners for Wood Decking

Hidden deck fasteners, a revolutionary advancement in deck construction, are an elegant solution to the traditional method of using screws or nails to fasten deck boards. They are designed to be installed on the joists between the deck boards in order to provide a clean, smooth surface that is devoid of any protruding hardware or holes.

The Basics of Hidden Deck Fasteners

Hidden deck fasteners work through an innovative design that discreetly attaches deck boards to the joists. Each fastener is inserted into the grooved edge of the deck board, which creates a concealed connection that leaves no visible screws or nails on the surface. This allows the deck boards to securely interlock for a uniform and gapless deck surface.

Advantages of Hidden Fasteners

Compared to traditional fastening methods, hidden fasteners for wood decking have several compelling advantages:

Hidden deck fasteners help create a smoother, cleaner, and more uniform deck surface since they eliminate the visibility of screws or nails. This enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your deck, and helps to make it a more enjoyable space for relaxation and entertainment.

Provides a safer environment by removing potential hazards such as protruding fasteners, which can cause trips and injuries.

Cleverly designed fasteners contribute to the longevity of your deck. By preventing the penetration of water at the fastening points, they reduce the risk of wood rot and decay.

Some fasteners even allow for natural expansion and contraction of the decking material, to help protect the integrity of your deck in various weather conditions.

Types of Hidden Deck Fasteners

Hidden fasteners may all be hidden, they are not all the same. Here are a few examples:


  • Deckwise produces hidden fasteners called Ipe Clip that have been designed for exotic hardwood deck boards.
  • Attaches deck clip to material at a 45 degree angle into joists using a screw, which means each board has to be completely screwed down before moving to the next.
  • Three clips available for different board spacing: 3/32", 5/32", and 1/4". It is unclear which size is suitable for tropical hardwoods which can have seasonal expansion and contraction of up to 6-7%.
  • A sister joist is also required at all butt joints to ensure a stable connection.


  • Azek produces specialized hidden fasteners called Concealoc that have been designed specifically for their composite deck boards:
  • The installation recommends using additional tools to maintain even spacing.
  • Screws are installed at an angle, which means that each board has to be completely screwed down before moving to the next.
  • They recommend using a beater board to ensure that each deck board fully engages with a clip to ensure proper spacing.
  • A sister joist is also required at all butt joints to ensure a stable connection.


  • Trex has a hide-away universal hidden fastener system that is suitable for grooved composite decking:
  • The fasteners are very small nylon spacers, and may be weaker than other options.
  • A tool is recommended to hold the fastener and properly align the screw.
  • The fasteners must be partially screwed in while setting the boards, and then fully tightened afterward.
  • A sister joist is required for any butt joints.


  • The Fiberon hidden fastener system is by Camo and uses 3 different clips depending on the project:
  • The clips are thin and the deck boards do not rest on them.
  • A small metal gusset provides the only gapping mechanism.
  • The screw is only supported by a fraction of the clip frame.

Nova USA Wood's ExoDek QuickClip: The Pinnacle of Hidden Fastening

Innovative Design and Features of the QuickClip

The ExoDek QuickClip is crafted from glass-filled nylon 6/6, and is made to withstand extreme temperature ranges - from freezing cold to scorching heat. This exceptional material is frequently utilized in automotive parts and fittings, and is engineered to endure gas engine temperatures of up to 350 degrees F. It's also highly resistant to saltwater exposure, which makes it an ideal choice for coastal and marine decking applications.

Nova Blog Photo Hidden Deck Fasteners

The QuickClip system raises the boards by 1/8" above the joists, which eliminates the need for joist tape. It also ensures 360 degrees of airflow, to promote ventilation. By creating an air space between the boards and joists, moisture accumulation where the decking intersects the sub-structure is minimized, to help reduce the risk of rot and decay.

How ExoDek QuickClip Enhances Deck Aesthetics and Functionality

  • The QuickClip ensures a completely smooth, unblemished deck surface by keeping all fasteners hidden and the deck surface even. This creates a deck with a clean, contemporary look that adds elegance to any outdoor space.
  • Its unique design allows for a consistent gap of ¼" between the deck boards, to help facilitate proper drainage and prevent the accumulation of debris, which will help prolong the life of your deck.
  • Unlike many hidden fastener designs, with the QuickClip the fastening screws do not penetrate the deck boards themselves. This helps to prevent moisture penetration into the boards which is especially critical in capped composite products such as those manufactured by Trex, Fiberon, Moisture Shield, and Azek.
  • The raised design of QuickClip promotes excellent ventilation, to reduce the risk of moisture-related damage such as rot and decay.

Ease of Installation: Making Deck Building Seamless

  • Installing the QuickClip is simple. Everything you need is in the box. The only holes you need to drill are on the starter board.
  • Set 1/8" shims on the edge of the starter, and drill attach with the provided stainless steel screws.
  • Insert a QuickClip into the grooved edge at each joist location.
  • Screw the clips in at either end of the board and move on to the next piece.
  • At butt joints, no sister joist is required. The tabs on the QuickClip are wide enough to hold the joint without the additional wood support.
  • After all the boards are in place, you can install the screws in the clips that were left. For a faster job, have someone follow behind you that can install the screws as you move ahead.

Seamless Decking Made Simple: Discover Nova USA Wood's ExoDek QuickClip

Deck Clip withSCrew

Experience the unmatched elegance and longevity of a premium hardwood deck with the ingenious design of the Nova USA Wood ExoDek QuickClip system. It's time to say goodbye to traditional fasteners and elevate your decking experience. With Nova USA Wood, you're not just installing a deck, but a lasting investment that brings value, beauty, and functional design to your outdoor living space. Don't compromise. Choose the best hidden deck fasteners for wood decking.

Contact us today and let Nova USA Wood help transform your decking dreams into reality!

By Steve Getsiv, 11/01/23

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