Nova Featured Product: Java Cherry

By Ben Nystrom, 03/29/12

Java Cherry hardwood flooring is one of Nova's newest exotic introductions from Asia. The color of the wood ranges from light tannish-brown to a slightly darker reddish-brown with subtle pink hues. It is very similar in appearance to an undarkened Brazilian or American Cherry. The hardness of the species averages 1100 psi, which is similar to Carbonized/Carmelized Bamboo. Additionally, it has an above-average stability rating.

As many people working in the hardwood industry know, the availability and pricing of traditional South American exotics isn't what it used to be. Raw materials are in short supply and pricing has increased significantly throughout this recession. Because of this, species like Brazilian Cherry, that by all rights were once considered a commodity, are once again a true exotic. In too many instances nowadays these species are being sold at cut-rate prices, with low margins, in an attempt to maintain that outdated entry-level reputation.

Nova USA's Java Cherry hardwood flooring is just one example of the new exotics we're sourcing that are ready to assume that entry-level role. It's a beautiful hardwood floor with excellent long-term availability and a very attractive price-point. Best of all, your entry level Brazilian Cherry customer gets an exotic hardwood flooring material that fits their budget and you close a sale with a decent margin.

Java Cherry hardwood flooring is a solid 11/16" thick x 3.6" wide x 1'-6' long. The product is A grade material and only available prefinished.

If you have any questions regarding this species, or any of our other products, please don't hesitate to contact us today.
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By Ben Nystrom, 03/29/12

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