Wood Flooring - Nova Expands Oak, Birch and Acacia Hardwood Floors

By Steve Getsiv, 08/27/09

Cayenne Birch Flooring

Wood flooring is our specialty and we are pleased to announce that after almost one year of testing, our StoneWood Collection is here to stay. Based on the very best value in the industry, our StoneWood line consists of Acacia, Birch, Kempas and White Oak. We offer these products in a solid 3/4" thickness, and with selected options in engineered products for below grade applications.

Handscraped wood flooring is available in Acacia, Birch and White Oak. Our best seller year to date is by far the Acacia, but the latest product we added is handscraped Birch and we are anticipating the handscraped Birch to be even more popular than the Acacia due to its dramatically lower price point.

Here's a picture of the Birch Handscraped Honey, our best seller in the Birch line up:
Honey Birch Flooring

Be sure to check out the web site for more details on these products.

By Steve Getsiv, 08/27/09

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