What Is Fire-Resistant Wood Decking & Why Do You Need It?

By Bill Christou, 10/25/19

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Usually, when people think of fire-rated decking, hardwood decking is not the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, it may very well be the farthest from their mind.

Now, companies like Nova USA Wood Products work hard to bring their clients beautiful, sustainable, fire-resistant wood decking. While they offer various fire-resistant decking options, the star product is their Batu hardwood decking. Here is what you should know about fire-resistant decking in general and why Nova USA Wood Products' Batu wood decking is the best fire-resistant decking on the market today.

What is Class A Fire Rated Decking?

Essentially, a fire rating is used to denote how fire-resistant a product is. Products undergo rigorous testing to determine how well the product will hold up against high temperatures and real fires. Every product has a chance to earn anywhere from Class C (the lowest rating) to Class A (the highest rating).

In order to earn the distinction of Class A fire-rated decking, the deck material must pass several intense tests. During these tests, the decking product being tested is placed on a non-combustible surface and then exposed to a flame.

In order to receive their fire rating, products are tested to see how long they last prior to igniting into flames. For Class A fire rated decking, it would mean the material lasted 2 to 4 hours before finally igniting.

Why Fire Rated Decking Is Important

Fire Rated Hardwood Decking

You want to invest in products that have a Class A fire rating, as it means your home and property will be better protected from potential fires. In some cases, extreme heat even has the potential to cause a fire to start, which is why having fire-resistant wood decking is so critical.

It's also essential to consider that the building codes for some states, such as the state of California, require residents to use only Class A fire-resistant materials on their homes due to the wildfires that occur regularly. Therefore, the higher the fire rating you select for your decking material, the safer it will be

Batu Fire-Retardant Wood Decking

Best Fire Resistant Wood Decking

Nova USA Wood Products has several wood decking options. Both Ipe and Cumaru hardwoods are rated for fire-resistance, but their Batu wood decking stands out from the rest due to its Class A fire rating. The Batu fire-retardant rating also exceeds that of other softwoods as much as five times over, making it an incredibly durable option.

Batu wood earns the distinction of Class A fire-resistant decking due to the naturally occurring silica that is present within the wood itself. Because of this silica, Batu wood meets, and even exceeds in some cases, most of the fire rating criteria set forth by various building codes.

Benefits of Batu Fire-Resistant Wood Decking

Fire Resistant Wood Deck in California

Besides meeting even the strictest fire-retardant wood decking requirements set forth by the California Building Code, Nova USA Wood Products' Batu decking has several other benefits that make it such a great option.

The Batu wood is a beautiful natural wood from Southeast Asia that has a rich red color and is kiln-dried to provide maximum product stability. In addition, it is both rot and insect-resistant.

Batu decking is also three times harder than Douglas fir and seven times harder than Cedar, making it one of the most highly durable hardwood decking options available on the market. It's a low-maintenance option with a life expectancy of 50 years or more.

Invest in Fire-Resistant Wood for Your Deck

Wood decking has always been a popular decking option in the past. But, with the fear of fires, many people have begun to seek alternatives, when they don't need to. All that is needed is a fire-resistant wood material.

Nova USA Wood Products offers beautiful, sustainably sourced Batu wood decking that has a Class A fire rating, ensuring it passes the California Building Code requirements for San Diego County. Beyond that, Batu has countless other benefits that make it a highly durable and easy-to-maintain option that everyone will love.

For more information about Batu wood decking, visit our website or click here to contact us with your questions.

By Bill Christou, 10/25/19

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