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Angelique, Basralocus - A Unique "Naval Wood" Timber with Applications from Residential Decking to Marine Construction

Angelique is an outstanding and diverse tropical hardwood known for its unique properties. Angelique is also known as Basralocus and Naval Wood. While its stunning colors and grain make it well suited for aesthetic projects like fencing, siding, and decking, its high durability, strength, and stability make it also suited for heavy industrial strength projects. Adding to this the species' unique traits regarding Marine projects and you have an excellent versatile species that can be applied in almost any project.

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The evidence for Angelique’s durability and excellent suitability in Marine environments lies in Nova’s reclaimed timber product line. Consisting predominantly of Angelique, these beams are pulled from projects in Europe that are being remodeled or decommissioned. Often these beams have been in the water for thirty years or longer and due to the high durability and its unique trait of Marine borer resistance these angelique beams can easily be repurposed and given a second life in a whole new location. The name Naval Wood refers to Angelique's unique capability of outstanding durability in marine applications.

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Angelique has a unique brown color that is very appealing and takes stains well allowing it to be used in residential projects for decks, fencing, and siding. Originating from South America (just like well known species like Ipe and Cumaru) this species has stood the test of time. It is also available in a range of products and sizes from deck boards to large beams for construction and everything in between. This diverse line up allows you to use the product for both the surface boards and the framing and even the posts, ensuring the same look and species throughout your entire project.

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