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Nova’s newest innovative product is our reclaimed marine timber hardwood product line. Hardwoods that are especially suited for marine environments, like Angelique, Basralocus and Ekki, are used all across Europe in marinas, ports, naval bases and a variety of fresh water and salt water projects. These hardwoods have been used for these projects for well over 150 years, and as such, have stood the test of time.

Unlike some alternatives like chemically treated pine, concrete, steel, or plastic, tropical hardwoods sourced from well managed forests, and implemented in these ways, have a low environmental impact as they do not leach any chemicals into the water or soil and have a very long lifespan. Even when their lifespan has expired the timber simply returns to the soil providing nutrients for new growth.

Reclaimed Timber - Partially Resawn

As you can see in the picture above, we took a 15x15” beam, almost 7 foot long, and machined half of the beam while leaving the other half untouched. This results in a great example of what the material looks like with and without manufacturing and also shows just how little of the beam has any weathering effect on it. This particular beam was placed at a submarine degaussing station in Germany for 30 years before being pulled from the water and prepared for repurposing.

As these projects are either remodeled, renovated, or dismantled, the timber is pulled from the project and prepared for reclaiming. The hardwoods have such a high durability that even after decades of use in a marine location the beam can be used in a new project as desired. Although the exterior of the beams will show signs of natural weathering and wear and tear, the interior of the beams is still in perfect order, thus resulting in a structurally sound beam that has the desirable look of reclaimed hardwoods.

The beams are pulled from their locations and taken to a yard where they are then sorted and the ends and any serious damage is docked out. The resulting beam will vary greatly from one beam to another as is determined by the original project it was installed in. In some cases, this could be a fairly straight clean beam with no industrial markings or cutouts. However other beams will have cutouts or markings from where one beam was connected to another. Also, some beams will contain a slight taper from top to bottom or may contain some wane edges. All this adds to the character and unique identity of each beam and gives it the story that comes with reclaimed hardwoods.

Reclaimed Timbers Reclaimed Timbers Staged After Extraction


Registered End Tagged Timbers Resawn Reclaimed Timbers

Each beam is registered and the projects that the beam originates from is recorded. In this way we ensure that all material is confirmed to be reclaimed lumber and these records ensure that even material that has been processed and may not look like reclaimed lumber will still have all records showing its origin and the fact that it is a repurposed beam.

For clients that have projects where the desired look is that of new timbers but for whom the environmental aspect of reclaimed lumber is important, we can also process existing beams into a finished product. This can be done by resawing the beam into a square that is all clean and fresh. However, we also have the capacity to completely manufacture an end product with a CNC machine and pre-drill holes as necessary. In short, if you can come up with an idea for a product, we can manufacture it provided the reclaimed beams are available to match the request.