Marketing Manager Hired at Nova USA Wood

Nova USA Wood Products 09/15/2021

Katja Wahl Joins Nova Team

Katja Wahl has been named the marketing manager at Nova USA Wood Products, Inc., a leading supplier of high-quality hardwood products and accessories. She will be responsible for leading the company’s sales, marketing and public relations efforts.

Nova USA Wood Hires Mechanical Engineer

Nova USA Wood Products 08/17/2021

Naomi Comstock Joins Nova Team

Naomi Comstock has joined the mechanical engineering team of Nova USA Wood Products, Inc., a leading supplier of high-quality hardwood products and accessories. As a mechanical engineer, Comstock was hired to support the ongoing development of cutting-edge fastening and installation technologies designed to increase the speed, efficacy and beauty of hardwood decking and siding applications.

Nova Expands ExoClad QuickClip Product Line

Nova USA Wood Products 06/08/2021

New Nylon Rainscreen Siding Clip Joins Product Lineup

Nova USA Wood Products, Inc., a leading supplier of high-quality hardwood products and accessories, has expanded its line of Rainscreen siding clips with a new ExoClad® QuickClip™ designed with 6/6 ballistic grade nylon. Lightweight and easy to handle, the new Nylon ExoClad QuickClips are also highly-resistant to abrasions, dampen noise and offer enhanced thermal bridging properties, which can reduce energy costs by minimizing the amount of heat transferred through the building envelope

Bill Campbell Case Study

Will Chelak 05/11/2021

Home Improvement & Repair

What better way to make your wife happy than to build your mother-in-law her own private oasis on your property. Happy wife, happy life, right?

Yellow Balau Product Spotlight

Steve Getsiv 05/01/2021

Merchant Magazine Feature on Yellow Balau

As the supply of popular hardwoods such as Ipe, Cumaru and Batu tightens, many customers are taking a closer look at alternatives such as Yellow Balau.

Classic Restorations

David Cavagnaro 03/18/2021

Deck Specialist

"My Clients only built the deck as an afterthought. They never really throught they would use it. Since its installation, they're out there every night." said Cavagnaro.

Siding Clip Product Spotlight

Keaton Smith 02/22/2021

Commercial Construction & Renovation

As a result, the latest hidden fasteners are gaining increased popularity for their ability to ensure superior aesthetics, while providing better insulation and resilience than standard siding systems.

Mike Holm Case Study

Keaton Smith 01/21/2021

Architectural West

“With the help of my wife and children, we designed a showpiece. It is a wood person’s dream home built with only the finest products available in the market today,” explained Holm.

Joe Wixom Case Study

Will Chelak 01/05/2021

Home Improvement and Repair

As a result, Wixom not only understands fine woodworking, but also the aesthetic value of the materials needed to achieve a project’s beautiful look and feel.

Deck Maintenance Tips

Steve Getsiv 12/15/2020

Modern Contractor Solutions

But, no matter the material, builders should make customers aware that nearly every deck requires some form of maintenance beyond the occasional power wash or cleaning to prevent algae and fungus growth as well as the inevitable discoloring that accompanies age.

Deck Care Q&A

Brian Sodoma 11/16/2020


For those who do a lot of staining work, questions about maintaining wooden decks also surface. Here, Keaton Smith, Wood Systems Product Manager for Nova USA Wood Products, tackles a few common questions customers have this time of year about getting their wood decks through winter.

Camp Prime Time

AB Editors 04/01/2020

Athletic Business

“I reached out to Nova USA Wood Products hoping to make a deal for lumber and various other supplies,” says Berthon. “I was stunned when they offered to help free-of-charge. Subsequently, I was able to leverage this support into the donation of everything else we needed to rebuild the trailer.”

Stephen Brazier Case Study

Nova USA Wood Products 12/02/2019

Floor Covering Installer

On the recommendation of a local colleague, Brazier experimented with Nova USA’s ExoShield Wood Stain. ExoShield is specifically-designed to provide long-lasting, superior protection for exterior decking, siding, and outdoor furniture.

Tim Wulf Case Study

Steve Getsiv 10/01/2019

Architectural West

“We wanted something that looked gorgeous and would really hold up to the elements,” offered Wulf. “A great deal of time was spent researching all the alternatives, but it was all worth it. People can’t take their eyes off the deck.