Bangkirai, Yellow Balau, is a naturally durable hardwood species commonly found in Malaysis and Indonesia and has been a popular choice for outdoor applications for over 30 years. Its interlocking grain provides a smooth, even texture, and ensures a long maintenance-free service life, which puts Bangkirai on par with other popular species such as Ipe or Cumaru. Bangkirai is the perfect fit for an extensive array of outdoor possibilities. How will you use Bangkirai?

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A natural building material & high durability hardwood, harvested with sustainable forest management practices

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A low maintanance hardwood that is Naturally insect, fungus, & decay resistant

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Bangkirai has a Warm Golden tone, absorbs stains flawlessly, and it known for having no knots & no defects.

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All Bangkirai products are protected under our 25year Warranty

Bangkiari porch
Wideshot of Bangkirai Deck

On top of being known for its strength and durability, Bangkirai is also has a reputation for being blemish and knot free. This not only boasts high durability but also allows for low-maintenance beauty over its service life. Bangkirai, Yellow Balau is also naturally resistant to things such as decay, insects and fungus. Making this species a great candidate for oceanfront and marine environment applications such as decks, boardwalks, as well as residential and commercial applications.

A closeup of bangkirai decking
Bangkirai with Quickclip™️

Bangkirai’s stunning golden, brown, and red tones offer a unique color range that not only makes the wood stand out on its own, but also blends beautifully with the natural surroundings of any outdoor project. When exposed to sunlight, Bangkirai will darken to a warm mahogany color and eventually weather to a beautiful, maintenance-free silver patina if left unfinished.

To preserve the rich coloring of the wood, we recommend using a high-quality penetrating oil finish with ultraviolet inhibitors, such as our ExoShield wood stain. Pairing this with regular cleaning and reapplication of the finish ensures that the wood will retain its beauty for many years to come.

Bangkirai Windscreen
Bangkirai Sopheting

Bangkirai can be used as rainscreen siding as shown below. Using Nova's patented ExoClad QuickClips, leading Portland, Oregon architect Robert Oshatz has designed a stunning residence nestled in Forest Park featuring Bangkirai rainscreen siding finished with Nova's own ExoShield Natural.

Bangkirai Rainscreen Siding
Bangkirai Rainscreen Siding