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Innovation x Collaboration x Technical Expertise

Nova Industrials, where philosophy meets innovation, collaboration sparks creativity, and industry expertise drives excellence.


At Nova, we believe in more than just supplying top-quality industrial solutions; we believe in forging partnerships that transcend transactions. Our philosophy is rooted in the idea that success is achieved through collaboration.

Backed by years of industry expertise, Nova Industrials stands at the forefront of innovation. Our team comprises seasoned professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. From selecting the finest materials to implementing cutting-edge techniques, we are committed to delivering solutions that surpass industry standards. With our unwavering dedication to excellence and our finger on the pulse of industry trends, you can trust Nova to provide you with solutions that are second to none.




Bill Christou (pictured above with one of our valuable suppliers) joined Nova in 2009 as a partner. Bill is a specialist in both residential decking products and truck trailer flooring products. Bill is fluent in Bahasa Indonesia, Greek and English; he also speaks French as well as some basic Spanish and Portuguese. Bill grew up in Toronto, ON and earned a B.A. with Honors from the University of Toronto in Political Science and Philosophy, Christou briefly worked with Merrill Lynch in Money Market Banking and then travelled extensively throughout the world.

In 1991 Christou earned his Graduate Diploma in Asian Business and Management from Capilano College's APMCP Program. Shortly thereafter, Bill joined Nelson International Inc. of Vancouver, BC, Canada. For the next decade, Christou lived in Indonesia and managed the Asian based purchasing for Nelson's tropical hardwood program which he directed into a $30 million annual program.

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After completing his bachelor's degree in business administration from the University of Oregon in 2010, Stephen started with Nova USA Wood Products in June of that same year. By November, Stephen was the lead sales associate for the web program. Since that time, Stephen has helped grow the brand to become the leading online retailer of Apitong, Laminated Truck Flooring, and truck flooring essentials.

In 2022, due to growing demand in the marketplace, expanded its sales team and Stephen was promoted to Sales Manager. He currently leads the team while also continuing to support the company in an outside sales role.

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Drew has been calling on the Truck Trailer and Truck Body OEM's and aftermarket distributors for the past forty years selling them wood products, aluminum extrusions, roll formed steel, plastic mud flaps and rubber products. He has sold imported floors and Apitong for Nelson International for 7 years and then Rockland Wood Products for 3 years.

He's a graduate of Florida State University with a degree in marketing. Drew has been based in the Atlanta area for over thirty years and handles most of our business in the Southeast U.S.



Dan has over twenty years of experience in increasingly responsible roles within purchasing, marketing and sales at several companies involved in both the truck-body and trailer industry including Trailmobile Parts & Service Corp, Great Dane Trailers and Whiting Door Manufacturing. In his most recent position, Dan served as National Sales Manager for Earthwise Plastics. His experience is enhanced by his BBA in Management from the University of Cincinnati.

We know that Dan's extensive knowledge and contacts within the transportation industry will prove to be valuable in helping you with your flooring needs. We consider ourselves fortunate to have Dan with us as we continue to deliver our quality wood flooring products to you.

Robert Headrick


Robert has been the OEM Sales expert at Nova since October 2023. With over 25 years of progressive leadership in Supply Chain, Robert brings a wealth of experience to our team. His journey includes a notable stint as VP of Supply Chain and Strategic Sourcing for Kentucky Trailer, where he spent 17 successful years. Born and raised in Southern Indiana, Robert obtained his degree in Business Management from Indiana University SE. What he loves most about his career in Supply Chain is building relationships, which he continues in his new role.

Outside of work, Robert enjoys traveling and cherishing moments with his family and friends.



Conrado Treviño is a Product Specialist at with a focus on creating business opportunities in Mexico. Conrado was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico, and has an MBA from TecMilenio University. His mother tongue is Español but, he is fluent in English and he is studying Mandarin Chinese. He enjoys traveling to new and exciting places and loves cheering for his hometown baseball club, the Monterrey Sultanes.

Prior to joining our team, Conrado was on the other side of the table as Purchasing Manager at trailer manufacturer “Talleres Lozano” for over three years, achieving wins like spearheading a new purchasing initiative which created a company record $6 million savings in a single year! Our customers appreciate the extensive knowledge and contacts which Conrado has within the Mexican transportation industry and are always excited to work with him.

Give Conrado a call and let him show you how can help you save money while more effectively satisfying your flooring needs. If you struggle with English, Conrado is your guy, don't hesitate to call or get in touch over WhatsApp.

Micah Sutfin


Micah joined Nova in December of 2023 as our Wood Technology Expert. He is responsible for technical support to our sales team and customers, product documentation including technical drawings and designs, product testing and development.

Prior to Nova, Micah served 8 years in the U.S. Air Force. After his service he joined the wood products industry as a fine woodworker specializing in reproduction of architectural moulding and millwork. After three years in industry, he attended Oregon State University earning a B.S. in Renewable Materials and an M.S. in Wood Science from the department of Wood Science and Engineering.

Following graduate school Micah worked as an applications engineer for Arclin (a chemical company specializing in adhesive applications for wooden substrates) where he was responsible for experimental design, product development, and standard compliance. In his free time Micah enjoys woodworking, backpacking, and spending time with his bonsais.

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What We Do

At Nova Industrials we command a deep understanding of global sourcing, wood manufacturing, warehousing, and technical design. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we boast a profound understanding of the intricacies of sourcing from diverse regions such as Indonesia, Malaysia, South America, and West Africa. Our expansive reach extends across borders, with representation in key locations including Mexico, Canada, and the USA. Whether it's sourcing premium materials, orchestrating meticulous manufacturing processes, optimizing storage solutions, or crafting innovative designs, we are your trusted partner every step of the way. Nova prides itself in a synergistic approach to finding solutions to your industrial needs.

Forest Grove Oregon Warehouse with Forklift
Forest Grove Oregon Warehouse with Forklift
Angelim Pedra on Drop Deck Flatbed Trailer
Angelim Pedra on Drop Deck Flatbed Trailer

Technical Expertise & Consulting

Nova Industrials is committed to delivering high-quality hardwood solutions for residential and commercial construction as well as the transportation industry. Here’s what sets us apart:

Nova Industrials goes beyond just selling premium tropical hardwoods. We offer comprehensive technical support to our clients. Whether you’re an architect, engineer, contractor, or designer Nova Industrials provides expert guidance in wood science and technology. Need assistance with wood selection, finishing, applications, adhesive compatibility or fastening? We’ve got you covered!

At Nova we recognize the importance of accuracy in design. Our innovative team of scientists and technologists offers Computer-Aided Design (CAD) services for various decking, siding, and trailer flooring profiles and assemblies.

All practical load-bearing wood species need to withstand various stresses, from bending to shear, to environmental factors. Nova Industrials conducts rigorous mechanical testing on their products. Whether it’s determining load capacities, durability, or impact resistance, our team provides data-backed insights.

Key Products
LTF | Shiplap | Rough | Tie Dows
Scuff | Floor Screws

Nova Industrial offers a comprehensive product line tailored to meet diverse transportation and industrial needs. Including a range of high-quality solutions such as flatbed trailer flooring, laminated truck flooring, and heavy-duty trailer flooring. Nova Industrial ensures reliability and durability with our specialized tropical hardwood flooring solutions. Moreover, our commitment extends beyond flooring materials to encompass wood sealers and finishes, providing essential protection and enhancement for our wood products, ensuring longevity and resilience against environmental factors. With Nova Industrial's dedication to excellence and innovation, customers can trust in the reliability and performance of their products across various industrial applications.

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