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Rhino Wood
A Natural, Durable Wood Solution
with a Wide Variety of Applications

Rhino Wood is created through a two-stage patented process of converting sustainably grown South African Pine into a hardwood equivalent. The thermal modification and pressure impregnation processes result in a product that is 60% stronger than its original state. Rhino Wood is 40% harder than Oak and has a Class 1 Durability rating, which puts Rhino Wood in the same class as Ipe, Cumaru, and Batu.

25 Year Warranty

Rhino Wood is resistant to water, insects and decay. It matches other tropical hardwoods with a 25 year warranty. The pores of Rhino Wood block all moisture, which prevents the wood from decaying and rotting. This allows for a longer wood life cycle. A low maintenance timber, Rhino Wood does not need to be sanded or finished once installed, but can be finished to maintain its natural color. Rhino Wood will fade to gray over time with UV exposure.

Rhino Wood is manufactured in South Africa by Rhino Modified Wood based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Nova USA Wood Products is proud to be the exclusive representative of Rhino Wood products to the North American marketplace.

Rhino Wood Rhino Wood

A proven product with a ten year track record under the harsh weather conditions of South Africa, Rhino Wood easily stands the test of time.

As shown above, Rhino Wood ages gracefully to a beautiful silver patina. These photos show our 5/4x6 deck boards after five years with full exposure to the weather.

Rhino Wood Rhino Wood
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Rhino wood is sustainably farmed South African pine. With no natural forests cut down.

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Thermally modified and resin impregnated to significantly increase load bearing strength and surface hardness

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Class 1 durability rating, meaning no fungal decay or rot in your timber. Rhino wood is resistant to water and insects.

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Zero toxicity

No plastics or harmful chemicals are used during the production

An environmentally friendly product, Rhino Wood is produced from FSC Sourced forests, with zero toxicity in its production process. Rhino Wood received the WWF climate solve award in 2014 which recognized the product as an environmental, social, and economic solution. It can be used in the same applications as traditional lumber.

Rhino Wood is easy to trim, rip and shape - and can be easily milled to pattern. Rhino Wood requires no special disposal and can be left to biodegrade like any natural wood product, with no negative effect on the environment.

Rhino Wood is available in a natural or brushed finish, and it can be finished with standard oil-based finishes to help preserve the original color. Rhino Wood can also be milled to use Nova ExoDek QuickClips and Nova ExoClad Rainscreen QuickClips.

Rhino Wood is a terrific choice for your outdoor projects and is available in 1x4, 1x6, 1x8, 5/4x4, 5/4x6, 5/4x8 up to 16’ in length plus handrails, balusters, soffits, and laminated beams.

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Visit rhinowood.co.za for additional information.

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