Ipe Hardwood Decking - Finishing Options

By Steve Getsiv, 06/28/09

So you've just installed a brand new Ipe deck and you want to keep it looking beautiful, right? Finishing your deck with a high quality oil finish is the right choice, whether you want to preserve the beautiful rich red-brown color, or let it slowly gray or silver out.

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There are a number of high quality oil finishes on the market today including: SuperDeck Duckback, Penofin, Mesmers and Extreme. We generally recommend SuperDeck Duckback in the Walnut color. The Walnut finish contains some pigment and will help preserve the color.

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Even if you desire to let your Ipe decking fade to silver gray over time, you should still put an oil finish on the material. It will take a lot longer to fade to silver gray, but the oil finish will help prevent checking and cracking.
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See our web page on Ipe decking for more information. Also, be sure to check out our installation guide.

By Steve Getsiv, 06/28/09

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