Nova Decking Products: The Highest Quality, the Best Price

By Ben Nystrom, 08/29/11

Nova's hardwood decking line is world renowned for being one of the highest quality in the industry. Sustainably harvested, exotically beautiful, and incomparably durable, the Nova decking line has a real wood product to serve your every need. Here are five of our most popular decking options:

Ipe Decking

Ipe hardwood decking is the very best decking material available. We stock a full line of deck boards as well as accessories, such as posts. We also specialize in direct shipments of deck boards from South America.
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Batu Decking

Meranti Batu hardwood decking is ideal for customers who want the classic look of Mahogany and long-lasting durability with minimal maintenance efforts. Batu is known for its hardness, beauty, and natural durability. Nova carefully selects its Batu to achieve a nearly blemish-free decking with excellent color consistency.
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Cumaru Decking

An excellent alternative to the more-expensive Ipe, Cumaru hardwood decking is a golden brown wood with strength and durability similar to Ipe. Also known as Brazilian Teak, Cumaru has a Class A fire rating and comes with a 25 year warranty.
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Tiger Wood Decking

Tiger Wood hardwood decking makes a visually striking decking option and features excellent stability and weathering properties. With a regularly applied oil finish, you can retain the original color and grain characteristics, or you can let the material age gracefully to a natural silver patina.

Jatoba Decking

Also called Brazilian Cherry, Jatoba is normally used for flooring and furniture. Nova carries a impressive line of Jatoba hardwood decking. A naturally durable, stable wood, Jatoba makes an excellent choice for exterior use.

Cumaru Desk in the sun
Cumaru hardwood decking is a beautiful and durable hardwood decking choice.

By Ben Nystrom, 08/29/11

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