Freshen Up Your Outdoor Furniture with an ExoShield Maintenance Coat

By Steve Getsiv, 06/14/19

Is your outdoor wood furniture looking dull? If so, it may be time for a maintenance coating using ExoShield Wood Stain. ExoShield's secret formula combines Tung Oil, UV Blockers, Fungicide, and trans-oxide pigments, making it the best option for outdoor wood furniture and wood decking. Damage from sun and debris can cause the shine from your original finish to fade. Keep your outdoor furniture looking new with these easy steps!

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In order to apply your coating, it is important that you are working with a clean surface. Over the last year, your outdoor surfaces have probably collected pollen, dirt, and other residue. Before you begin, clean the piece of furniture with a damp cloth to remove the residue. ExoShield contains solvent, so do not worry about scrubbing the table spotless, ExoShield will take care of whatever is left.

ExoShield comes in several colors, so make sure to choose one that best matches your furniture. For example, with a tigerwood table, the mahogany stain brings out the natural color and pigment, while also protecting the finish much better than a clear stain. Keep in mind when applying a maintenance coating to furniture, such as a table, you will not be using the entire gallon of ExoShield.

Applying ExoShield

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After the table has been wiped down and you have taken out the can of ExoShield, you are ready to begin. First, you will want to put on your latex gloves and open the can of ExoShield. Next, dip your cotton or microfiber rag into the can of finish. Then, wipe the rag up and down the table in a circular motion until you have covered the entire table. Make sure you don't put the finish on too heavy since it dries quickly.

Completing the Finish

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After you have coated the entire table, let it dry for a minute or two and wipe it down with a clean, dry section of the rag. The finish dries faster in the heat, so try and apply it on a day where the temperature is somewhere between 50 and 80 degrees. Once you have wiped it down, let the table dry for another five to ten minutes. Finally, take a microfiber cloth and wipe down the entirety of the table.

What if I didn't use ExoShield in the past?

If you used a lower quality vegetable oil or water-based product in the past, then you will have to sand or clean the wood to get it back to fresh bright wood before starting this whole procedure. ExoShield will simply seal in the gray, weathered color if the wood isn't prepared correctly at the outset.

To keep your outdoor wood furniture looking fresh, apply an ExoShield maintenance coat about once a year. To learn more about the highest quality wood stain out there, contact Nova USA Wood Products at 503-419-6407 today!

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See The Video

Watch the complete video of Steve refinishing this beautiful Tigerwood dining table on our ExoShield YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel - ExoShield

By Steve Getsiv, 06/14/19

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