Nova Featured Mahogany: Royal Mahogany

By Ben Nystrom, 04/02/12

If you're looking for an exotic hardwood flooring solution that combines rich, classic color with the ease and durability of a prefinished flooring solution, Nova USA Wood's Royal Mahogany hardwood flooring may be for you.

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Also known by the name Andiroba, this reddish-brown hardwood is found throughout Central and South America. Royal Mahogany hardwood flooring is comparable to Red Oak in hardness, and is rated highly in both durability and ease of use.

The heartwood's color varies from medium to dark. Some pieces are quartersawn, which gives a pleasing ribboned appearance to the grain. The deep color and appealing grain make Royal Mahogany an excellent choice for formal dining rooms, master bedrooms, or anywhere a sense of classic luxury is desired.

Like many exotic hardwoods, Royal Mahogany hardwood flooring resists insects and decay quite well, so it's sure to be a source of pride for years to come. Perhaps even better, Royal Mahogany differs from some exotic hardwood flooring in that both its price and its availability are quite good.

Nova USA Wood has prefinished Royal Mahogany in both 3 ¼" and 5" widths. Visit us online or stop by our showroom to learn more about this elegant, unsung species.

By Ben Nystrom, 04/02/12

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