Apitong Keruing vs. Angelim Pedra

By Steve Getsiv, 02/23/09

Several years ago I wrote a primer on the truck trailer flooring market, specifically comparing Apitong to Angelim Pedra. Now, I realize that the market standard has been Apitong or Keruing which comes from Southeast Asia. I agree it is a great product, but it's always nice to have an option.

Unfinished Tigerwood Flooring
So, I started working with Angelim Pedra in the late 1990's when Boyd Roe (formerly Nelson International, Oregon-Canadian Forest Products) and I were looking for a naturally durable alternative to Kapur and treated Keruing. Boyd was supplying Utility Trailer with fillers in Kapur, which is naturally durable, and Keruing, which had to be treated. We wanted the ugliest, most durable, medium density hardwood which was available in good quantity at a cheap price. Well, I wouldn't say Angelim Pedra is ugly, I would say it meets all the other requirements: durable, available, and cheap. Cikel Brazil actually makes a stained prefinished flooring product now out of Angelim Pedra - gorgeous stuff, actually. Anyway, check out my article on www.TrailerDecking.com regarding Angelim Pedra vs. Apitong, Keruing.

By Steve Getsiv, 02/23/09

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