Applying Your ExoShield Deck Stain

By Steve Getsiv, 02/18/19

You have already bought the ExoShield wood decking stain and have prepared your deck properly for finishing, so what is the final step in the process? The fun part! Applying the stain to your wood and seeing the result. These final steps are critical to getting the optimal result out of ExoShield Wood Deck finish, so follow closely!

Applying ExoShield to Angelim Pedra with a Roller

Application Tips

Start by shaking the can, for at least a minute, prior to opening. Once the can is opened, stir the material thoroughly. It is important to apply the finish in temperatures that are above 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

Apply the first coat to the wood using a roller or brush. Applying by brush is effective but very slow. High quality rollers with a 3/8" nap work best for applying the stain, allowing the ExoShield Wood Deck finish to spread easily and quickly. Be sure to use a disposable roller tray and pour ExoShield into the tray to a depth of no more than an inch or so. Coat the roller and lightly wring out excess to avoid drips.

Make multiple passes over the same area with your roller and keep rolling until there is very little ExoShield left on the roller itself. Recoat the roller in your tray and again wring out enough material so you don't get any drips. ExoShield is slightly thicker or more viscous than typical oil finishes due to its higher ratio of natural oil to solvent.

The type of wood, the age of the wood, and the wood grain will all determine the amount of stain you will need to apply. If your wood is low density like Cedar or Redwood, the stain will absorb straight into the wood, pretty much eliminating the need to wipe excess ExoShield off of the wood. We recommend letting the stain soak into the wood for about 30 minutes before wiping off any excess stain with a large rag or towel.

Applying ExoShield to Angelim Pedra with a Roller

How to Properly Remove Excess Stain

After 30 minutes have passed, use a large towel to wipe off the excess product. We recommend putting the towel under your feet and walking along the deck, wiping away all excess product. Make sure all the excess stain is removed to prevent it from hardening on top of the wood. Watch for shiny spots which indicate that the stain has not soaked in these areas.

You can apply more coats if desired but it is not necessary. When another coat is applied to the wood, it will not soak in as deep since the wood is already sealed and protected from the first coat. It is important that you do not over apply the finish. If there is excess stain on the wood that is not absorbed, it will dry on top of the wood forming a film – and it can only be remedied by aggressive sanding and recoating.

Final Steps in Finishing

It is important to put the rags that were used in a metal can filled with water and dispose of them at a hazardous waste center. The stain is highly flammable and leaving used rags or towels in a pile can cause them to self-combust.

You may walk on the deck 24 hours after the stain is applied, however we recommend that only soft-soled shoes or just socks are worn to not damage the newly finished surface. It's perfectly ok to carefully place your furniture back onto the deck the day after finishing but you should avoid dragging furniture on the wood for at least 30 days to let the finish fully harden in the wood and to prevent scratches. If you do scratch the deck finish, just apply a small amount of ExoShield on a paper towel or rag and lightly recoat the affected area.

Premium Quality Pure Tung Oil Wood Stain

Nova USA Wood Products provide premium hardwood siding and decking stain. Our ExoShield premium wood stain is the highest quality wood stain ever produced. ExoShield provides superior protection for exterior wood applications such as decking, siding, and outdoor furniture. In decking applications our product is guaranteed to look good for one year, and instead of getting the whole deck sanded and pressure washed for another finish, you simply recoat it with our ExoShield stain. Siding applicaitons require maintenance every 3 to 5 years.

By Steve Getsiv, 02/18/19

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