Biophilic Interior Design Article by Wood for Good

By Steve Getsiv, 09/21/21

Bring Natural Elements into Your Interior Design

We often camp, hike or explore the outdoors as a way to feel calm and centered in our busy lives. It's not everyday we have time to make it outdoors, but there is a close second. By bringing nature indoors through design, that wonderful feeling can be obtained without leaving your home or office!

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Lower Your Blood Pressure, Increase Your Concentration, Reduce Stress - All with Wood!!

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In a recent article by Wood for Good, Oliver Heath, founder of Oliver Heath Designs, is interviewed about Biophilic interior design principles. "Research shows that using wood in interior finishes can have a stress-reducing affect similar to nature such as reduced blood pressure, heart rate, stress and pain perception and improvement in emotional states. Employees in workplaces with less than 20% wooden work surfaces are far less satisfied with their working life and physical workplace compared to those with a high proportion of wood (more than 60% visibility of wood). In those places with more than 60% timber, physical workplace satisfaction increased from 47% to 81% and optimism about future increased from 44% to 61%. The ability to concentrate also increases from 65% to 83%. And we see this evidence across nearly every sector, evidence that demonstrates this use of timber."

Here at Nova we love to use wood in both exterior projects and interior design. Bringing natural elements into your home is a fantastic way to create beautiful and relaxing spaces - ones that spark inspiration and make you feel awesome about the materials you chose. Our top selling hardwood species include Red Balau, Batu, Yellow Balau, Manilkara, Angelim Pedra, Ipe and Cumaru.

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Create the Perfect Space in Your Environment

The addition of nature based design helps create an environment that increases your productivity and motivation, as well as ability to relax. Wood is a great base to use within design due to its natural beauty and luster. The natural "biophilic fractals" found in wood are particularly "satisfying to us" as humans. Pair this with natural sources of light and you have the perfect equation for a productive space.

"One of my favorite projects is a Sunriver, Oregon home where we used a wide variety of hardwoods and softwoods, much of it finished with our Tung oil ExoShield wood stain", says Steve Getsiv, Nova's President.

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Interior flooring, paneling, wainscotting, cabinets, timber beams and ceilings are all ways to bring the natural pattern of wood into your home - especially when you highlight its beauty with a clear or light colored oil-based stain. This will not only maximize the depth and beauty of the wood, but also keep it protected.

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Want to learn more about how bringing nature, like wood, into your interior design can create a healthier environment? Give us a ring or send us an email.

By Steve Getsiv, 09/21/21

"The discussion about naturally occurring fractals in wood is really interesting. I can stare at beautiful piece of wood for hours - it's truly calming and puts your mind at ease."

By Steve G on 09/27/21

"I really like how nova is trying to be more green"

By Chad K. on 10/04/21

"Yesterday I was at Mod Pizza and I looked up at all of the mass timber in the roof. It was very calming."

By Bob Brown on 10/04/21

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