"In 2018, my Cumaru deck was over ten years old and had lots of gray weathering. I tried deck cleaners and brighteners the year before and it really didn't help much; after finishing, it was back to gray again in 3 months. In 2019, I pressure washed and drum sanded with 24 grit. The sanding definitely got it got it down to fresh, clean & bright wood - original color.

The finishing part was easy compared to all the prep work. I got over 750 SF of coverage from a single gallon of ExoShield. The coarse sanding definitely opened up the grain. The stuff just lays on so easily and really looks fantastic. I couldn't be happier.

I've owned hardwood decks since 1996 and I've tried most of the popular oil based finishes and ExoShield absolutely lasts the longest. I re-coat my deck once per year. My process is to do a light pressure wash after applying 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner - I let it dry for at least a week before applying ExoShield so the stain can penetrate deep into the wood. I like the Walnut color the best. It goes on fairly red but looks fantastic after a few weeks."