"I recently refinished my old and tired Adirondack chairs with the ExoShield Premium Hardwood Finish. The chairs were weathered from years of outdoor use. They were an embarrassment to look at and my wife and I were ready to throw them in the garbage when a friend suggested we try the ExoShield Finish.

We are so glad we did! We used the walnut color and now the chairs look better than when first purchased. The finish was so easy to apply. Just brush on, leave for a few minutes and wipe off. I easily completed the project over a weekend with time to spare to go ride my motorcycle. This oil based stain is fantastic and so much better than the brands you can buy from those large “do it yourself” home improvement stores. We now get so many compliments about our chairs and how good they look. Friends ask where can they get such beautiful looking chairs. My answer, go buy some old ones at a garage sale or Craigslist and stain them with ExoShield! You’ll be glad you did."