Cambara Hardwood Technical Species Information

Detailed scientific and mechanical properties for Cambara Mahogany Hardwood Lumber

Cambara Mahogany

  • Description: Cambara is a medium density wood from South America. More than just resilient, Cambara's medium luster and light reddish-brown heartwood make it a beautiful choice. Virtually knot-free, Cambara's close, straight grain gives it a pleasing uniform appearance. Cambara's natural durability often makes it a frequent choice for deckingl. With its agreeable tones, Cambara makes for a very decoratively versatile paneling or ceiling able to accompany a variety of colors schemes and furnishing styles.
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  • Other Names: Erisma uncinatum, Mahogany, Jaboty, Quarubarana, Mureillo, Cedrinho, Mureillo
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Cambara Mahogany Lumber Scientific Properties and Technical Specifications

  • Janka Hardness: 860 pounds
  • Strength (MOR): 12,800 psi
  • Stiffness (MOE): 1,640 1000 psi
  • Density (KG/m3): 650
  • Color: Heartwood is brownish-yellow with some grey and orange tones. Sapwood is primarily white with some yellow.
  • Photosensitivity: Moderate
  • Tangential Shrinkage: 9.1%
  • Radial Shrinkage: 4.2%
  • Family: Vochysiaceae
  • Tree Characteristics:
  • Geographic Area: Venezuela, Suriname, Guyana, French Guiana, Brazil
  • Texture: Fine to medium
  • Grain: Straight and even
  • Luster: Low
  • Durability Rating: Rated as durable
  • Drying Characteristics: Rated as moderately difficult to difficult, with slight risk of checking.
  • Working Characteristics: Rated as somewhat difficult to work.
  • Applications: Decking, furniture, moldings, plywood