Massaranduba Hardwood Flooring and Decking, Brazilian Redwood

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Massaranduba, Brazilian Redwood Hardwood Technical Information for Exotic Hardwood Flooring and Decking, Prefinished Solid Flooring, Unfinished Solid Flooring and Engineered Flooring.

  • Description: Brazilian Redwood, also known as Massaranduba, is a gorgeous and durable hardwood whose durability makes it a frequent choice not only for flooring but decking as well. The naturally beautiful heartwood can range from light to dark brownish-red, with a grain that can be straight, somewhat wavy, or interlocked. Brazilian Redwood is also very easy to maintain, and it's Janka hardness rating of 3,190 ensures that it will stand up just as well against impacts in the short term as it will against decay in the long term.
  • More Info: We specialize in both unfinished hardwood floors and prefinished flooring. Available width are 3", 4" and 5". Please see our product catalog for more information.
  • Other Names: Manilkara bidentata, Chicozapote, Ausubo, Nispero, Beefwood, Bolletri, Balata Rouge, Paraju, Bulletwood
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Massaranduba, Brazilian Redwood Hardwood Scientific Properties and Technical Specifications

  • Janka Hardness: 3,190 pounds
  • Strength (MOR): 29,200 psi
  • Stiffness (MOE): 3,450 1000 psi
  • Density (KG/m3): 1,000
  • Color: Heartwood color is dark reddish brown to dark red. Sapwood color is pink.
  • Photosensitivity: Massaranduba will darken with age.
  • Tangential Shrinkage: 9.4 %
  • Radial Shrinkage: 6.3 %
  • Family: Sapotaceae
  • Tree Characteristics: Massaranduba grows up to 150 feet tall with a diameter of 4 feet.
  • Geographic Area: Latin America from Mexico throughout much of South America.
  • Texture: Fine
  • Grain: Straight
  • Luster: Low
  • Durability Rating: Rated as very durable with good resistance to most insect attack. Susceptible to marine borers.
  • Drying Characteristics: Slight tendency for checking. Pronounced warping and moderate cupping.
  • Working Characteristics: Despite its high density Massaranduba generally produces good results with both hand and machine tools; though it does exhibit an above-average dulling effect on cutters. Responds well to steam-bending. Can pose challenges in gluing due to high density and oil content.
  • Applications: Flooring, decking, heavy construction, light construction, boats, turnery, paneling and musical instruments.
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