GSP Duty on Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

By Steve Getsiv, 02/10/09

After reading the GSP post, the primary concern that comes to mind is how well intended is the import duty?

Is it intended as a deterrent to foster use of comparable domestic resources/product?

Is it intended to indirectly foster the development of domestic finishing operations/facilities? (I know you wrote on the cost vs benefit analysis)

Is it intended as purely a bureaucratic pocket stuffer?

So I suppose that protectionism is at the heart of the matter and would be mediated by trade relations and foreign policy with respect to Brazil and current currency valuations. If you were to seriously pursue application to FTC for exemption, your petition would need to be framed within the idea of market stimulus, fair and equitable trade relations, and appear non-destructive to domestic industry and resource management.

Obviously, no duty supports our trading partners and reduces financial overhead for us, but does this duty contribute to the financial strength of the us import/export economy?

-Lance Joseph

By Steve Getsiv, 02/10/09

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