Massaranduba (Brazilian Redwood) Hardwood Flooring Spotlight

By Suzanne Hendrix, 02/20/13

Welcome back to the Nova USA Wood blog, the most in-depth hardwood species series on the web. Today's blog is a product spotlight on another beautiful exotic hardwood, Massaranduba.

Massaranduba, along with being somewhat of a tongue twister, is also commonly known as Brazilian Redwood. In a Clear grade this species has a very uniform red tone; hence the Redwood name. Nova USA imports Clear grade Massaranduba flooring in unfinished only.

Nova Blog Photo

Unfinished Massaranduba Hardwood Flooring

Our prefinished flooring, on the other hand, is graded as Select & Better allowing for a slightly wider range of color, which includes tans, yellows, & browns.

Nova Blog Photo

Prefinished Massaranduba Hardwood Flooring

As Massaranduba ages it will slowly darken to a warm brownish-red color with plum undertones. The grain of the wood is considered tight and somewhat wavy. Similar to Patagonian Rosewood, Massaranduba is an extremely dense & durable wood that will hold up to the highest levels of foot traffic. Massaranduba has a hardness rating of 3190, which is equivalent to Cumaru and 2.5 times harder than Red Oak. Stability for this species is average.

Nova USA imports Massaranduba in 3/4" x 3", 3-1/4", 4", & 5" widths. Lengths are random 1'-7'.

If you have any questions regarding this species, or any of our other products, please don't hesitate to contact us.

By Suzanne Hendrix, 02/20/13

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