Ultimate Lumber Calculator - Metric Standard Unit Conversions

By Steve Getsiv, 03/01/09

We do a lot of conversions at Nova. From BF (board feet) to LF (lineal feet), SF to Square Meters (m2), etc. And most of our purchases are in m3 (cubic meters).

Those of us in the lumber industry realize how much time we spend burning up the keys on our calculators. And occasionally we make an error... not good.

Lumber Calculator
Introducing the Ultimate Lumber Calculator - This thing makes conversions easy.

No more questions about how many LF of 5/4x6 are required to cover a 500 SF deck. Just choose 5/4x6 (1" x 5-1/2") and enter 500 in the SF field. Easy.

Of course, in this market nothing's free. Scratch that. It's FREE. Enjoy! Click here to go to lumberiq.com.

By Steve Getsiv, 03/01/09

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