Unfinished TigerWood Flooring

By Steve Getsiv, 01/08/09

Unfinished Tigerwood Flooring
Tigerwood flooring comes from South America, most frequently Brazil and Bolivia. Tigerwood goes by several different names including Astronium, Muiracatiara, Goncalo Alves and Cuta Tigre. I especially like Cuta Tigre. See our unfinished flooring page for more details.

Due to the economic downturn, sales have slowed quite a bit for unfinished Tigerwood flooring, but our prefinished Tigerwood flooring is still selling quite well. I think more prefinished flooring is used in the remodeling industry as opposed to new construction.

We carry Tigerwood unfinished flooring in 3", 4" and 5" widths - all in a 3/4" thickness. The lengths range from 1' to 7' in each sub-bundle, with the average being around 3.2' to 3.5'. We carry both unfinished and prefinished Tigerwood flooring in Clear grades - some people refer to Clear as Select and Better or SelBtr or Sel&Btr. These are generally equivalent grades.

By Steve Getsiv, 01/08/09


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